What is the anime Tokyo Ghoul about?

Tokyo Ghoul


The day I died This is how the explanation of the manga begins. As in the anime, the manga is about a boy named Ken Kaneki, who becomes a half ghoul due to an accident. This series, as well as the manga, is about the story of Ken and how he makes and develops as a ghoul, but also about his difficulties as a ghoul. Likewise, the CCG, which is listed below, plays a big role because it kills ghouls. The phoenix tree and antiquity also play a big role, but these only appear after the first few episodes. An important point to note is that ghouls feed on human flesh and that the only food they can eat that is produced by humans is coffee.
The genre is anime, but also action.


Antique (Café where ghouls offer coffee and a meeting place for ghouls who need help)
CCG (Commission against Ghouls)
Kushu restaurant (There people are sold to the rich ghouls, who they then eat.)
Phoenix tree (Group of ghouls fighting the CCG investigators, investigators, etc.)

Main characters:


Ken Kaneki & Eto Yoshimura

Kisho Arima & Kuzen Yoshimura

Toka Kirishima & Hideyoshi Nagachika

Kotaro Amon & Juzo Suzuya


Horror, Action, Dark Fantasy, Drama, His, Splatter