Where can I get Linux training online

Linux training courses & in-house seminars

Linux is free as a license. However, there are Linux distributors whose versions cost license fees for service, e.g. RHEL, the Linux distribution from Red Hat. SUSE has been bought by Micro Focus, who want to reinstate the purchase price through license fees for the Linux service. Additional information on Linux can be found in the Linux wiki, especially the Linux Foundation. A good insight into the development of the Linux kernel can be found in the Linux Kernel Wiki.
In the following, Linux training courses are offered for free distributions such as Ubuntu or Debian as well as for paid Linux versions such as those from Red Hat and Suse. Due to the Corona crisis, the training courses are currently being offered online in the virtual classroom. The principles of online training are taken into account in the seminar.
The lecturers have extensive specialist knowledge and are didactically trained. Questions that go beyond the agenda can also be dealt with in the seminars, such as the special features of Kali Linux in Ubuntu. The Linux training courses can either take place in the training center in Cologne or at the company's locations as company training. A selection of specific topics such as extensions to Red Hat or Suse Microfocus. A Linux crash course can also be organized for consultants.
The further development of the Linux kernel is being promoted by the Linux Foundation, where Linus Torvalds is still assessing the quality. The Linux Foundation offers a number of free online courses on the web. A list of these courses can be found in LinuxFoundationX.
An older assessment of the Linux operating system is still valid.