What can I do after the sound engineering

Future opportunities audio engineer (schul.) (M / f / d)

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Career and further training as an audio engineer. We will show you which career opportunities and further training courses are open to you after your training.

75 vacant training positions
Audio engineers are very familiar with mixing consoles © Reckmann | Pixabay Public Domain

Career opportunities as an audio engineer

What are the job opportunities as a specialist in audio technology? Where can you work and how can you get further training? You can get answers to these questions here.

Places of work

As an audio engineer, you can work in almost all areas of the audio industry. For example, you work as an executive sound engineer in the recording studio, live sound reinforcement technician, broadcast technician in television and radio stations or film sound engineer. You will also find jobs in the dubbing studio, theater and musicals.

further education

By Adaptation training you always have an overview of the current trends in music and especially in technical advancement. You can attend seminars and training courses in these areas:
  • Production - recording / camera and sound
  • Measurement practice for testing electronic systems and machines
  • Sound engineer
  • music producer

Also one Advancement training is an option for you if you want to reach higher octaves in your career. For example, you can train to become a sound engineer or music producer.


With a university entrance qualification, you can also choose to study:

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