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Hello Simon,

the housing around the mill is edged sheet metal, actually quite simple. I originally cut and bent the sheet metal exactly to size in one piece. Later I came up with the idea of ​​a "maintenance hatch" to be able to open the mill on at least one side without having to dismantle the whole mill. So I can get a feeler gauge between the 1st and 3rd rollers in case the mill needs to be adjusted.

The edge to the left and right of the mill is the side seal, in the top I cut a slit (I think 2 cm wide and eight cm long) that does not go all the way out so that no malt completely between the side plates and the rollers can get. I then cut two recesses in the sheet metal for the locking screws.

The funnel is a lot more difficult to manufacture, the drive is an SEW geared motor and the coupling comes from the bay. The layer-glued plate on which the funnel sits was cut out a bit in the middle, a sheet of metal strip runs in the cut-out to the left and right, each serving as a slide. With it I can regulate the flow rate, if necessary I can also stop the flow of malt completely.

The funnel holds a good 10 kg, by the way, when I open the two slides fully, I get a throughput of approx. 3.3 kg / min at a roller speed of just over 200 rpm.

If the photos are too small for you: Just click on them and they will get bigger. I think you can see the construction well.
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