How secure is BillGuard

BullGuard VPN software put to the test

Frank Ziemann

With BullGuard VPN, the security company also offers a VPN service. We tested BullGuard VPN for you.

EnlargeBullGuard starts VPN service in Germany

As of October 2019 : The British security company BullGuard, previously known primarily for its antivirus software, now also offers a VPN service in Germany. You can use BullGuard VPN on computers with Windows or macOS as well as on mobile devices with Android or iOS. The service currently provides servers at 16 locations worldwide for selection.

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As is customary in the industry, BullGuard advertises with a no-logs policy, i.e. it does not store any information about its users' Internet activities. In contrast to many other VPN providers, no trackers are used in the Android app - in any case, Exodus Privacy has not discovered any.

The 16 server locations available for selection include Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as Great Britain, Ireland, the USA, Australia and Singapore. You can switch between locations at any time with a click of the mouse. On request, BullGuard VPN automatically selects the best server at the time based on various parameters such as server load.

EnlargeBullGuard VPN should also be available in German from today

The options available in the program settings are quite clear. You can specify whether BullGuard VPN should be loaded automatically when Windows starts and whether a VPN connection to a selectable server should be established immediately. You can also activate the so-called "Internet Kill Switch". This is a kind of kill switch that blocks all Internet activities if the VPN connection is lost. In this way you avoid suddenly being unprotected in the network.

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In the Android app there are other options. Here you can set that the VPN connection should use TCP (instead of UDP) if the selected server supports this. You can also specify whether a VPN connection should be established automatically when using a WLAN (Wi-Fi). You can also specify the same for the cellular connection. Again, there is the option of letting the VPN software choose the best server. The activity log, which can be found in the settings, is kept locally on the device. If you need assistance from manufacturer support, you can send it in. It does not contain any data about the websites you have contacted.

EnlargeThe Android app is already in German and does not require a tracker

Starting with the latest version 1.4.3, the Android app already has a German-language interface. However, the translation is not yet perfect and the country names are still in English.

Test drive
There were no abnormalities in the tests of the VPN connections. For example, if you choose the right server location, it works in the ORF-TVthek to call up videos that can only be called up from Austria. For downloads, the VPN-related loss of speed is in the low single-digit percentage range compared to downloads without VPN. BullGuard does not offer servers that are optimized for specific purposes (such as video streaming). So all servers should be equally suitable for any purpose.

BullGuard VPN supports Windows (from version 7), macOS (from version 10.11), Android (from version 5.0) and iOS (from version 10). Subscriptions with unlimited data volume are available for six months (62.99 euros), one year (74.99 euros), two years (83.99 euros) and three years (94.50 euros). If you click the links in this post you will get exclusive discounts on almost all packages: The special prices in cooperation with PC-Welt and Macwelt are:

Existing BullGuard customers receive a 25 percent discount for the first year. BullGuard offers a money-back guarantee for the first 30 days as well as 24/7 support via live chat and email.

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