Runs on the iPhone 4s iOS 9

Anyone who has ever updated older Apple devices to a newer iOS version knows the problem: First of all, the operating system is lame compared to previous versions. Apple wants to avoid this phenomenon with iOS 9. The development team wants to focus heavily on performance, as the technology experts at 9to5Mac want to know from insider circles. The operating system should run stable on iPhones from the 4S and iPads from version 2 from the start. Apple therefore wants to first develop a basic version that runs reliably on the devices mentioned and then integrate additional functions based on it. However, the user does not notice the procedure.

When it came to the release of the last iOS versions, Apple failed in the eyes of many users, as the performance on older devices left something to be desired. IPhone 4 users in particular had to nibble on the update to iOS 7, while in the case of iOS 8, owners of the iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and iPad 3 in particular had difficulties. The problem: Only later did the developers manage to optimize the performance through minor updates and the deletion of functions. In the meantime, users simply had to accept the slow speed, as Apple does not allow downgrades to older versions.

Official information from Apple is still pending, but rumor has it that the provider will focus on iOS 9 on performance, stability and a further simplification of the user interface. In addition, there should be a split-screen mode especially for the iPads, which shows two applications side by side.