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Paramotor flying: An aerial sport is enjoying increasing popularity

Flying with motorized paragliders has been anchored in Germany's aviation law since 1994. This air sport is known internationally as Powered Paraglider (PPG). The number of apprentices has increased steadily in recent years. The same applies to the number of training centers (see training). The duration of the training varies depending on previous flying training (see training).

The categories:

Foot-launchable paramotor:

The foot-launchable paramotor can justifiably be called the "ultra-light" air sports device. Using a backpack motor that the pilot carries on his back, a paraglider can take off from the plain, regardless of the mountain or wind. The speed of this air sports device is between 25 and 70 km / h, depending on the device and the state of acceleration. With one tank of fuel, flights of three to four hours are possible without taking advantage of the thermals. Disassembled, the aircraft can be transported in almost any small car.

Paramotor trikes:

Another variant is the paramotor trike. The pilot uses a three-wheeled chassis to which the motor drive is attached. This also includes constructions that can be used as a bicycle on the ground. So the pilot remains mobile even after landing. Numerous two-seater paramotor trikes are also type-tested or type-approved in Germany, including constructions that can be transported on the road as trailers behind a vehicle. The area of ​​two-seater trikes usually extends from 24 to over 40 m². The advantage of smaller areas is in many cases a higher speed combined with a higher area stability.


A healthy, physical constitution is an advantage for the practice of sport. This is especially true for the foot-launching paramotor class. Because a fully fueled backpack motor, which the pilot has to carry completely during take-off and landing, weighs around 20 to 40 kg, depending on the design. Long flights, especially in strong thermal conditions, require a good level of fitness and are more for experienced pilots. Paramotor trikes are much more comfortable. Motor umbrellas up to 120 kg fall under the so-called light air sports equipment and are exempt from the medical medical examination.


International paramotoring championships have been held since 1993. European and world championships take place alternately every year. German championships have been held since 1998. The tasks to be completed are quite diverse and range from navigation tasks to precision tasks to economic tasks. A combination of the task types is also possible. While individual precision tasks can only take a few minutes, navigation tasks or economic tasks lasting several hours are normal. In addition, there is the opportunity to break national and international records in various categories. Record flights must be documented in accordance with the FAI (Fédération Aéronautique Internationale). In addition to sports witnesses, the use of an approved barograph or logger for flight recording is necessary (see FAI).