How big is the Google Play Store

Google Play Store shows app download size more popular

To install new apps you don't necessarily have to go to a single product page in the Play Store; Google is now adding a little more detail to this process.Anyone who installs an app directly from the search, for example, presses the menu button when an app is displayed and selects "Install" there, did not receive any information beforehand about the file size of the download. That is exactly what Google is now obviously changing.

On the following screenshots you can see the previous version on the left and the new feature on the right. In brackets we see the expected download size, which has not been the case so far. But it doesn't stop there.

Another new feature is the display of the download size on the individual sub-pages of an app directly on the name. Up to now, the download size was only shown hidden under the additional information, you really had to search for it.

At the time it is not known when the changes will be received by all users and whether they will be at all. The same applies to other updates discovered in the last few days, such as the look of the Play Store and the new trending function.

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