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Creepy Desserts: Would You Want To Eat This?

At first glance, everything in Ben Churchill's kitchen doesn't always seem the way it tastes. The self-called "food illusionist" creates desserts that the eye shouldn't necessarily eat. The creative desserts, made from biscuit dough, chocolate and plenty of food coloring, should be convincing in terms of taste - for a split second, however, you are not sure whether the ashtray from the break room has not been put in front of you or the kitchen sponge has been placed on the plate. We took a closer look at five of the deceptively real desserts.

The ashtray (see above)

If you look at this dessert, you will feel more like a cigarette than a sweet bite. The cigarette butts, made from moldable chocolate and food coloring, are more reminiscent of a smoky pub than the delightful end of a menu. Nevertheless: it is edible. The ashtray, also made of chocolate, contains a vanilla panna cotta with a special jam made from "Lapsang Souchong", a black tea from China. Ben Churchill created the ashes from "meringue powder", a protein substitute powder that is mainly used in the USA to create the typical "icings" (cake decorations). This has been colored black to look realistic. Nevertheless, it takes a little courage for this dessert.

The moldy Satsuma

Something that is not so popular in the fridge is at the top of Ben Churchill's menu: moldy fruit. On the contrary: the green and white fur made from chewing gum and colored »meringue powder« gives this creation something special. The Satsuma consists of orange parfait with a reflective orange glaze.

The iron throne

Chef Churchill recreates the Iron Throne typical of the TV series "Game of Thrones" with the help of chocolate sponge cake. This is covered with silver-colored chocolate and the swords characteristic of the throne are also formed from chocolate. The whole thing is filled with strawberry puree to make it look like the throne is bleeding when it is cut. "Game of Thrones" author George R. R. Martin would certainly be proud of this dessert creation!

The worm-eaten apple

Apple Bavarois with apple compote and chocolate. Sounds heavenly, doesn't it? Of course, Ben Churchill has also come up with a creative addition to this dessert and skillfully smuggles a few maggots into the realistic-looking apple. Not particularly attractive to the eye, but the little animals made from colored chocolate can be eaten without any problems.

The kitchen sponge

It lies soaked on the plate. Wet. Frothy. The last traces of the green washing-up liquid still stuck to it: the kitchen sponge. But in fact this is also a delicacy from the English chef. Ben Churchill created the sponge from an oil sponge cake filled with apple puree. To create the rough surface of the sponge, the dessert specialist dried mint and crumbled it on the sponge dough. Last but not least, a little milk foam was draped on top and the edible kitchen sponge is a reality. It is questionable whether the eye does not spoil the taste.

You can find more dessert creations by the English chef on his Facebook page: www.facebook.com/thefoodillusionist!