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7 largest aquariums in the world - more than 325,000 bathtubs

All over the world, they are one of the most popular attractions for tourists and locals alike: aquariums. The water basins are often filled with exotic and diverse fish species and give visitors an insight into the underwater world, which otherwise often remains hidden. Mammals such as dolphins can also be admired in many aquariums, but large tanks are essential for their well-being. In recent years there has been a real competition for the largest aquarium, and many countries want to be among the best in the world. The seven largest aquariums in the world are presented here.

7th place: Shedd Aquarium, 18.9 million liters capacity, Chicago, USA

The Shedd Aquarium in the American city of Chicago is a time-honored facility. It was opened in 1929, making it one of the oldest covered aquariums in the world. With the water volume of 18.9 million liters, 126,000 standard bathtubs could be filled. The entrance to the aquarium is designed in the shape of a temple, the building is located on the Museum Campus Chicago. That is why there is also the Natural History Museum and the Adler Planetarium nearby.
The aquarium is divided into eight large exhibits designed to capture the diversity of marine life around the world.

Many tropical fish from the waters of the Amazon can be found in “Amazon Rising”. The aquariums are set up tropical and filled with many well-known fish species such as the dreaded piranhas. In addition, the world of the Amazon is explained on information boards.

In the “Caribbean Reef” visitors can visit the Caribbean. Turtles and large rays alternate with small, colorful fish in the many corals.
The “Polar Play Zone” is dedicated to arctic waters and contains penguins, among other things.

The "Wild Reef" is modeled on the Indian Ocean, real sharks can be seen here. "At Home on the Great Lakes" is the facility's home aquarium and primarily deals with the underwater world of the great lakes. “Waters of the World” consists of several small pools in which fish and other sea creatures from all over the world are presented. Large marine mammals are presented in the Abbott Oceanium. Here you can see dolphins, otters and seals. The last exhibit, “Underwater Beauty”, is about colorful inhabitants of the ocean floor such as crabs or small, tropical fish.

6th place: The Seas with Nemo & Friends, 21.6 million liters capacity, Bay Lake, USA

This aquarium is part of Epcot Future World, an area of ​​the World Disney Resort in Florida. As the name of the aquarium suggests, the facility is primarily geared towards the Disney film "Finding Nemo". Among other things, there is an adventure trip on a boat in which visitors can experience the events of the film. Otherwise there is the "Sea Base", which consists of several basins and contains various marine animals.

In one tank you can see manatees from the Caribbean, in another you can spot jellyfish and seahorses. There are also dolphins, tiger sharks, rays and turtles in the "Sea Base". The capacity of 21.6 million liters of water is enough to fill around 144,000 bathtubs with water. In addition to "The Seas with Nemo & Friends", there are many other attractions in Epcot and the Disney Resort that can be easily combined with a visit to the aquarium.

5th place: Moscow Oceanarium, 25 million liters capacity, Moscow, Russia

The largest aquarium in Russia can hold 25 million liters of water, which is the equivalent of 167,000 bathtubs. There are over 8,000 different species of underwater inhabitants to discover in the Oceanarium, including the Russian sturgeon, of which the aquarium is particularly proud. Construction of the aquarium began in 2013, and the first guests were welcomed in 2015. There is a large area for Russian waters where fish and other creatures from the seas, rivers and lakes in Russia are featured.
There is also a tropical area, where various creatures from the tropical waters around the world are presented. Galapagos turtles, clown fish and manta rays can be found here. The White Sea, a section of the Atlantic Ocean north of Russia, is also one of the important components of the aquarium. The arctic inhabitants of the sea are presented in detail.

In addition, the Moscow Oceanarium advertises various species of sharks that are up to three meters long, dolphins and orcas that swim in huge tanks and are also fed during live shows. There is also a large auditorium where educational films about the underwater world around the world are shown.

4th place: Georgia Aquarium, 37.9 million liters capacity, Atlanta, USA

The largest aquarium in America is in Atlanta. A whopping 253,000 bathtubs must be filled with water to fill the Georgia Aquarium's basins. Opened in 2005, it was the largest aquarium in the world for seven years before being ousted by another aquarium on the list.

The pride of the aquarium are the beluga whales, five of which are currently in Atlanta. They are over 10 meters long and are also fed by staff in shows.
There are seven exhibits here that the aquarium is divided into. American freshwater fish are presented in “River Scout”, but piranhas and eels are also housed in the area. "Cold Water Quest" shows sea creatures from the polar regions, including penguins and the beluga whales.

"Ocean Voyager" is the largest exhibit and contains thousands of fish, a huge coral reef and whales. Visitors can see the fish from all sides through a glass tunnel. “Tropical Diver” shows tropical sea creatures from the Pacific, the Indian Ocean and the Caribbean. The "Dolphin Celebration" is all about dolphins, and several shows are offered here. In “Suntrust Pier 225” there are only sea lions to be discovered. The newest area is the "Discovery Zone", where visitors can dive into the oceans with VR glasses.

3rd place: Oceanografic, 41.6 million liters capacity, Valencia, Spain

In the largest aquarium in Europe, the animals are divided according to habitats, and 277,000 bathtubs can be filled with the aquarium water. There is the Antarctic area where penguins are the main attraction. In the arctic, on the other hand, you can marvel at beluga whales and walruses. Outside there is the crocodile reserve, where the residents are allowed to roam both a spacious land and water area. The dolphinarium is set up like an arena and has a huge water tank for the dolphins in the middle. Shows are presented there every day.

In the bird world, various bird species are presented that have a lot to do with the water world. The tropical pools are equipped with colorful fish in coral reefs and small sharks. There are also areas for sea lions, Mediterranean fish, lake dwellers, turtles and jellyfish. The large underwater tunnels give visitors the chance to immerse themselves in the world of fish.

2nd place: Marine Life Park, 45 million liters capacity, Sentosa, Singapore

It takes 300,000 bathtubs to absorb the water in the Marine Life Park. The aquarium has chosen the waters around Asia and between the Indonesian islands as attractions.

In the “Java Sea” area there are various tropical fish from the area around the island to be seen. “Andaman Sea” is the name of the area that deals with the sea off the coast of Myanmar. You can see starfish and sea cucumbers here. The Bay of Bengal also has its own area where you can see eels, clown fish and lobsters.
It also introduces the open oceans, where dolphins, jellyfish, leopard sharks and sand sharks, as well as many different crabs, are introduced. The "East Africa" ​​area is dedicated to freshwater fish from the African lakes. There is also a water park here with swimming pools and water slides.

1st place: Chimelong Ocean Kingdom, 48.8 million liters capacity, Zhuhai, China

The world's largest aquarium is currently in China and can fill 325,000 bathtubs with water. There are aquarium areas here, which are always connected to attractions from an amusement park. There is the “Dolphin Cove”, where dolphins can be viewed in a pool, and next door a pool with rotating plates, where visitors can spray each other with water pistols.

In the “Amazing Amazon” you can see fish from the arms of the Amazon, as well as a roller coaster that is modeled on the rainforest. "Ocean Beauty" deals with the larger marine life in the deeper areas of the world's oceans. Whales, sharks and large fish can be seen here, and visitors can take a submarine to dive through the pool.
Penguins, beluga whales and polar bears can be seen in the “Polar Horizon”, and there is also a water rollercoaster. On “Hero Island”, visitors can see small fish in coral reef pools, and there are otters and rays. There is also a breeding center for orcas here.

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