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Beckett: "We'll pay off our debts, go back to Glee Anselm, and I'll finally learn how to play Valachord."
Val: "Honey, you will never learn to play valachord."
- Tobias Beckett and Val on Vandor(Source)

The Valachord is a musical instrument with two rows of crossed strings,[1] which is played with the help of keys and whose sound can be described as melodic with faint mechanical undertones.[2] The outlaw Val, the daughter of a musician, was named after the instrument. As a tribute to her, her partner Tobias Beckett planned to learn to play the instrument one day, and that goal turned into a joke between the two of them.[3] So Val asked him to take Valachord lessons another time if she wanted to urge him to hurry.[4] Neither she nor her Ardennian accomplice Rio Durant believed that Beckett would actually ever learn to play the instrument,[5] but she thought the thought was amusing. When he met the group, Han Solo also believed that Beckett would never achieve his goal, but that he felt it necessary to tell this story himself.[6] The criminal himself insisted on paying his debts, collecting enough credits to buy the instrument and wanting to return to his homeland, Glee Anselm.[5] When he betrayed Solo to Crimson Dawn leader Dryden Vos, following Vall's death in a theft foiled by Enfys Nest's Skyhounds on Vandor, he claimed that Nest was the reason he had lost Val and had not yet played on a Valachord.[7] When Solo shot him dead, Beckett claimed he wanted to learn to play the instrument.[5] The Wexley family from the planet Akiva also owned a Valachord, on which Temmin Wexley and his father Brentin played old miners' songs together when Temmin was growing up. After the disappearance of his father and the departure of his mother Norra, the instrument served as a disguised door opener, which opened access to the catacombs under the city of Myrra while playing the first five notes of the song The Shanty of Cart and Cobble.[2] After the Wexleys were able to free Brentin from Imperial captivity, Temmin bought him a small Valachord, but his father showed no interest in it. The two planned to modify the instrument so that it could play on its own, but Brentin interrupted work under the influence of an inhibitor chip implanted into him to meet with the Imperial agent, Windom Traducier.[8]

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