Class 11 biology biomolecules are tough

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Biology and environmental studies at the upper level secondary school

Descriptive geometry

supplementary lessons from BU, PH, CH

2 hours per week5th grade2 hours per week
3 hours per week6th grade3 hours per week
--------------------------7th grade2 hours per week
2 hours per week8th grade2 hours per week



Biology curriculum 5th to 8th grade in full


Short version of the curriculum - implementation at BORG Mittersill


5th grade

Cell as a basic building block, microorganisms

  • Microscopy technology

  • Cell structure and functions in prokaryotes and eukaryotes

  • Structure, way of life and habitats of microorganisms

  • Importance of microorganisms for humans

  • Biotechnology of food production

Metabolism in Plants

  • Tissues, organs, metabolism

  • Special diets and adaptations

  • Development, growth

Metabolic processes in animals

  • Diet and Digestion

  • Breathing, circulation, excretion

  • Training of the organs in different
    Organizational levels and living spaces

Nutrition human (see also 7th grade)

  • Basics of a healthy diet

Biological Diversity

  • Showing biodiversity

6th grade

  • Reproduction cell
    Mitosis and meiosis, cell differentiation, unicellular - multicellular,
    asexual and sexual reproduction

  • Human sexuality and embryonic development
    Sexuality, sexual ethics, options for conceiving, pregnancy, childbirth

  • Human immune system (see also 7th grade)
    Functionality, malfunctions,
    unspecific / specific defense, immune response

  • Nervous system, sense organs - comparative anatomical view
    Stimulus reception, conduction of excitation, processing, sensory organs

  • Human endocrine system
    Control loops - homeostasis

  • Drugs (see encyclopedias, information)

  • Behavioral research (see 7th grade)

  • Ecology - material cycles (see 7th grade)

  • Bioplanet Earth
    Earth in space, structure, geodynamic forces of formation
    Creation of selected Austrian landscapes
    (State of Salzburg)

7th grade

(only with additional classes in biology and environmental studies, as well as physics and chemistry)

  • Nutrition human
    Eating disorders, world nutrition, resource distribution, forms of agriculture, future scenarios

  • Examples of sustainable development
    Scarcity of resources
    Tension between ecology and economy,
    Energy, transport or tourism,
    Climate change,
    Material cycles O, N, C

  • Psychosomatic
    Interaction body - psyche,
    Health promotion in the areas of work, living and leisure

  • Pathogens - Immune System
    Bacteria, viruses, parasites
    Hygiene, lifestyle diseases, cancer diseases
    Vaccinations, travel prophylaxis, tropical diseases

  • Systematics
    Principles of order of organisms

  • Move
    Movement structures in animals and plants

  • Behavioral research
    Methods, basic terms, examples

8th grade

  • genetics
    Classical and molecular genetics, human genetics and handling
    with genetic engineering using selected examples, bio-ethics

  • evolution
    Basics and insights into evolution theories
    Process of development, overview

  • Research focus on life science
    e.g .: stem cell research, reproductive medicine

  • Genetic engineering
    selected examples from medicine and the food industry

  • Example of coping with stress
    Health promotion point of view






An experiment on sensory performance






Experiments on nutrition:

(PDF file)

Experiments in biochemistry, microbiology:

Experiments biology:



(only with additional classes in biology and environmental studies, as well as physics and chemistry)


7th grade

1 one-hour homework in the 1st semester,
1 two-hour homework in the 2nd semester
8th grade1 two-hour homework in the 1st semester,
1 three-hour school assignment in the 2nd semester



Example of a BU schoolwork

(7th grade - one hour)


1. Discuss methods of artificial insemination and possibilities of pre-implantation diagnosis.

2. Describe the structure of an anthrax pathogen and possible routes of infection.

3. Explain the basics of scintigraphy using an organ example of your choice.




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Pedagogue. University of St. Gallen Department of Biology (CH) Extensive link list, constantly updated

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BIOnline Dr. Kring, Constance (D)

Technical University of Braunschweig (D)
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Biology Lexicon Michael Koops (D)

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4 Health Lexicons (D)

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MedicalTechnical terms
Website of the self-help group Hodgkin's disease (D)

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Health lexicon Portal of German Pharmacies (D)

Youth information BM Health / Family / Youth (A)

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KIS - Contact point for addiction issues(A)
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Addiction prevention Youth Red Cross Tirol (A)
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Youth information (A)
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Vaccination plan Austria (A)
Addictive Substances Act of Austria. Pharmacy Chamber (A)

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Genetic engineering

Genetic engineeringDictionary BM Education / Research (D)

Genetic engineering Legislation
BM Health / Family / Youth (A)

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Provincial government of Salzburg

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information Federal Environment Agency (A)

Ministry of Life - Environment (A)

Federal Environment Ministry (D)
Federal Environment Agency (D) lots of data, lots of links
Vista Verde (D) News about the environment, nature, sustainability
Organism types The Virtual Field Guide (UK) picture collection in English


(selected groups)

Animal lexicon ChordatesPrivate Homepage (D)

Birds (CH) Species description with bird calls

Amphibians, reptiles (A) Austria

Amphibians, reptiles (A) Salzburg

insects (D)
Butterflies (D)
Bees and bumblebees (D) with traditional plants
Beetle and Bed bugs (D)

Plant species

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Medicinal plants

Poisonous plants

Vascular plants Austria (A)

Mosses Switzerland (CH) picture atlas

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Orchids (D) species in Bavaria

Herbal Lexicon (D)
Medicinal plants Bildatlas 1887 (D)
Medicinal plant lexicon (D) with search criteria
Poisonous plants (D)
Tree identification Private side (D)
Mushrooms Private side (D)

Mushrooms, mushroom poisons
Animal poisons

Mushrooms, mushroom poisons, animal poisonsUniversity of Munich (D)
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Biology courses (mostly also with link lists)

BECK biology course(D)

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11, 12, 13 (Germany)

VOBS Biosite (A)

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University of Hamburg, Botany online (D)

with lexicon of course content
(Botany, cells, genetics, evolution ...)

HUPFELD biology course (D)

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ETH Zurich (CH) key programs
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MALLIG (D) self-study courses

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HELMICH (D) homepage

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SCHEFFEL (D) high school
Student script

Selected chapters (cells, NS, hormones, sense of sight, genetics, immune system, evolution)