Who makes the best avocado toast

17 avocado sandwiches: turn your sandwich into a fitness snack

Avocado sandwiches with dark bread

Guacamole sandwich with chicken

Top and bottom dark grain bread and two creamy fillings in between: spicy guacamole and fine chicken salad with Greek yoghurt, crunchy paprika and sun-yellow corn. Beware of jealous, sideways glances while enjoying. To the recipe

A few more tips on how your guacamole stays fresh longer:

Avocado and strawberry sandwich with goat cheese

Hearty meets fruity: crunchy brown bread on the bottom, on top a layer of mild avocado cream with fresh strawberry slices and on top melted goat cheese. Well, you can call that “dinner” with a clear conscience. To the recipe

Crostini with avocado and thyme pesto

There's something to nibble and crunch here: green on green, thyme and spinach join as pesto together with avocado on rustic rye bread. It is refined with olive oil and baked until crispy in the oven. Topped with parmesan and cress, this creates an extra spicy crostini. To the recipe

It will also be particularly tasty if you use avocado oil for your pesto instead of olive oil.

Avocado breakfast baguette with fried egg and sriracha

Good Morning! When you wake up from the kitchen and smell the scent of freshly fried fried eggs, getting up is much easier. Motivated and full of anticipation, you crawl out from under the warm duvet. When the warm egg is still on a crispy baguette and creamy avocado and covered in hot sauce, the day can begin. To the recipe

Veggie avocado sandwich

This sandwich aims high. Nine layers of crunchy vegetable indulgence, framed by two grainy slices of bread. With this vegetarian XL sandwich, you have to notch your jaw and bite into it. This is the only way to get all 11 colorful layers of lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrot, avocado and co. To the recipe

Swedish sandwich cake

How do sandwich and cake go together? Quite wonderful! The Swedes are impressively demonstrating this with this stylish specimen. Dark bread with three creams made from avocado, salmon and mayonnaise make the heart of the sandwich beat faster. To the recipe

Avocado bruschetta with wild garlic pesto

From now on, pesto is no longer just a part of pasta, it is also served with avocado on bread. Bright green and homemade from fresh wild garlic, parmesan and walnuts, spicy pesto is the perfect, hearty addition to mildly creamy avocado, on a thick slice of fresh mixed bread. The Italian version of the avocado sandwich. To the recipe

Avocado sandwiches with white bread

"All in One" breakfast toast

Avocado and egg just on top of bread? Boring! With this creative toast, the two delicacies come directly inside. Simply cut a hole in the bread slice, fill it with avocado and egg and bake it briefly. A simple toast on the outside, a real eye-catcher on the inside. To the recipe

Avocado toast duo with sesame and almonds

Double the avocado pleasure with this delicious couple. The toast duo convinces on the left with cream cheese, sesame seeds, poppy seeds and a splash of sweet honey, on the right with roasted almonds and good olive oil. And, last but not least, the most important thing on both slices: plenty of fresh avocado! To the recipe

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BLT sandwich with avocado and salmon fillet

So, if bacon, lettuce and tomato are already set as a base for the BLT sandwich on a fluffy brioche, what is still missing? Clearly: there is no way around creamy avocado, roasted salmon and honey-mustard sauce! To the recipe

Grilled cheese sandwich with guacamole and bacon

You want some cheese? Then open your mouth wide for the real American grilled cheese sandwich with cheddar, guacamole, again cheddar, some bacon, even more cheddar, tortilla chips and - not to forget - cheddar. Best of all: It also melts in the middle of the Mexican filling. Exactly the right gourmet cut for avocado lovers with a preference for warm, melting cheese. To the recipe

Club Sandwich Deluxe

The deluxe version of the creamy, buttery avocado, along with tomatoes, cheese, sliced ​​chicken, eggs and pickles, should not be missing on a real club sandwich. Open your mouth as far as you can and bite with relish - good hunger! To the recipe

Fitness falafel guacamole sandwich

Fusion of sandwich and burger: Italian ciabatta instead of American bun, healthy falafel made from chickpeas, instead of beef patty and guacamole, instead of ketchup. These are the ingredients that internally distinguish this fitness sandwich from a burger. From a purely visual point of view, however, it could easily be confused with its American relative. But don't worry, it not only looks just as delicious, it tastes just as good too. To the recipe

Avocado sandwiches with a difference

Avocado Cream Cheese Bagel

Allow me: his name is bagel, avocado cream cheese bagel. Attractive and lavishly topped, this circular sandwich ring is the hearty counterpart to the sweet little donut. Also with a hole in the middle, the charming bagel tries to impress with a sesame topping and a topping of tomatoes, herbal cream cheese, fresh spinach and avocado instead of chocolate icing. Are you ready for a first date? To the recipe

Pancake sandwich with avocado and fried egg

Avocado, fried egg, prosciutto and rocket between two pancakes, or: double-decker breakfast in sandwich format. Just take it in both hands, bite into it and look forward to the delicious morning. To the recipe

Pita breads with avocado and kidney beans

The great thing about pita? The round breads can be simply coated with buttery avocado cream, topped with spring onions and kidney beans, topped with crème fraîche and parsley, rolled up and enjoyed straight to your mouth. To the recipe

Waffle sandwiches with chicken and avocado

Who said that a good sandwich always needs classic bread? Today, hearty waffles are baked. They are then filled with avocado, crispy chicken, tomato and rocket as a sandwich on your hand. To the recipe