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It might cost as little as $ 300 to make a $ 3,000 mattress, which is a 900 percent markup.
According to a report, a mattress store in a mall may only need to sell 20 mattresses per month to pay a rental fee.

In contrast to McDonald’s, which has to sell half a million burgers to cover its rent.

The bottom line is that retailers don't have to sell as many mattresses to cover operating costs and profit.

With fewer items to sell, mattress stores don't need a floor full of vendors, which allows them to have a lower overhead than other businesses.

Usually not many employees work at the same time. Most employees work on a commission basis and are often concerned with products that are available directly from the factory.

It might answer how mattress stores can maintain these seemingly empty showrooms with just one employee sitting behind a desk.

# 4. One of the few companies where customers prefer to shop in-store rather than online
Buying a new mattress is seen as a big deal.

Before buying another one, you will likely be using it for at least 8 to 10 years. You also spend about 33 percent of your time sleeping.

Because of this, many people don't want to blindly buy a mattress.
Since this is seen as a major purchase (both in price and importance), customers are more likely to buy mattresses in person than online, which is the same as buying furniture or a car.

Even customers who want to buy a mattress online always visit a retail store before ordering.

This means additional foot traffic in stores and the ability for businesses to provide offers and discounts to consumers who just wanted to browse.

# 5. Less product loss
If the owners can't sell mattresses, they can keep them for a while.

People don't buy a lot of mattresses, but they can be sold for over a thousand each by one mattress manufacturer.

Unsold mattresses also hold their value very well. It is still possible to sell a mattress that no one has bought in a few years for the same price.

And everyone would finally buy a mattress or two.

Closing words
How do mattress stores stay in business?

While mattress conspiracy theories are fun and entertaining, the truth boils down to successful economics.

We all need a mattress in order to have a healthy and comfortable sleep.
Truly, this type of store has the necessary products but the most cost effective retail stores to operate.

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