How long does rice milk last

Knowledge How do you know if plant-based milk is bad?

Plant milk usually keeps cool after opening for about 5 to 7 days, but can still be edible after 2 weeks. As with other foods, the following applies: rely on your senses! Our sense of smell and our eyes are usually more reliable than the shelf life information on the packaging. Most manufacturers state that their plant-based milk alternatives should be consumed within 3-5 days of opening.

If you're not sure whether your plant-based drink is still good, shake the package and pour some of it into a glass. Smells the liquid rancid or musty and tastes sour, it is probably no longer good. Should you Discoloration or mold discover, stay away! This also applies if the milk has a slimy consistency got.

How to properly store plant-based milk

  • According to EU law, the Best before date can be specified. It indicates the date up to which the sealed food can be consumed without any health risks or loss of quality - and should not be confused with the use-by date! Most foods can still be eaten after the best-before date if they are stored appropriately.
  • Unopened, plant-based milk alternatives, like long-life milk, keep for many months if they dry and at room temperature stored and not exposed to strong sunlight.
  • After opening, plant-based drinks and animal milk should be used in the refrigerator be kept.
  • You should already have opened the packs before consuming them always shake! This loosens most of the sediment and saves you from getting lumps in the milk.

  • Almond milk and Co. do not drink straight from the package! Contact with the mouth causes bacteria and germs to reach the opening of the pack through our saliva, which makes the drink spoil more quickly.

  • Soy milk is mostly due to its higher protein content shorter shelf life as nut or grain milk.

  • Homemade plant-based drinks do not last as long as the alternatives you buy and usually keep refrigerated for about 4 days. The prerequisite is that you fill them in clean and chilled bottles after production.

  • Even if the Flake plant-based milk alternatives in coffee, they don't have to be bad outright. This phenomenon is particularly common with coffee with soy milk. This is because the acid in the coffee precipitates the soy protein and changes its structure.

Tip: If you have trouble drinking a liter of plant-based drink on its own before it goes bad, you can simply use the milk alternatives freeze. This can be done in freezer bags or ice cube molds, for example. Thaw briefly if necessary and use as usual.