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Step by step to the affiliate website - affiliate marketing for beginners

Theoretical explanations are important too, but nothing beats practice. That's why I've created a 7-part series of articles for affiliate marketing beginners in which I create an affiliate website step by step.

Since this is a real website, the learning effect for beginners will be particularly high.

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

The following tips incorporate experience and best practices from many years as an affiliate. I am now making a mean four-digit income from affiliate marketing every month.

Step by step to the affiliate website I guide beginners through the creation of a new affiliate website.

It is important that you do not just follow the tips, but find out what works and what does not work for you and your affiliate website. Learning for yourself and gaining experience is very important!

Step by step to the affiliate website

  1. Select an idea with income potential and a partner program
    Is the idea profitable and is there a good partner program for it? This is where the basics of a successful beginner affiliate website are laid.
  2. Hosting, WordPress and plugins for affiliate website
    The simple installation of the affiliate website with WordPress, the right hoster and I also list recommended plugins that I use for my affiliate websites.
  3. WordPress theme selection and layout adjustments
    The web design for the new affiliate website is pending. Here I give tips on how to choose a suitable WordPress theme and give practical tips.
  4. Build in content that brings traffic
    What content is suitable for affiliate websites and how can I get hold of this content? Plus practical tips for writing.
  5. Integrate affiliate links optimally
    This part of the beginner series is about registering for partner programs and installing affiliate links.
  6. Traffic for the affiliate website
    What measures can you take for your affiliate website to get traffic, which SEO measures make sense and what should you pay attention to?
  7. Maintenance and optimization of the affiliate website
    To conclude the series of articles, I'll cover how to maintain an affiliate website and how to optimize it for more income.
  8. Here you will find the introductory article to the article series and a detailed presentation of the 7 parts.

    I give more practical tips about affiliate marketing in my entry-level articles, each of which deals with a specific topic and shows real examples.

    Create an affiliate website in a few minutes - without any technical knowledge!