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A deep trench is to be dug around the Bundestag in Berlin to prevent demonstrators, as happened last weekend, from waving flags on the steps of the Reichstag building, including the Reich flag, a symbol of the right-wing extremist Reich citizens. Corona deniers, vaccination opponents, conspiracy theorists had protested against the anti-corona measures in Berlin together with right-wing extremists, or rather agitated. Your arguments are weak across the board.

A comment from "Spiegel" editor Annette Bruhns

If doctors spread unproven theses, they ultimately risk life, says "Spiegel" editor Annette Bruhns.

He was wrong about me, an old friend recently wrote me at the end of tiresome e-mails, saying that I had lost my investigative guts. Behind my supposed ignorance, he sensed arrogance: Because he, an Argentinian living in Spain, wanted me, the German journalist "Spiegel", to research a drug against Covid-19 that doctors in Bolivia had tested - and far in front of western researchers. To his disappointment, I ignored the customer of the miracle drug chlorine dioxide.

Against an alleged plot between Bill Gates, the pharmaceutical industry and the WHO

We were friends for more than 30 years. Now something has broken. The resulting rift is one that also divides German society. The suspicious mock those who still trust the state and its authorities to act on the basis of law and knowledge.

The dispute is being played out on the Internet. My old friend posts crude finds about Corona on Facebook almost every day. When demonstrators take to the streets in Berlin like last weekend, people like my acquaintance march virtually with them. They congratulate each other on their resistance: against an alleged plot between Bill Gates, the pharmaceutical industry and the World Health Organization - orchestrated by compliant, corrupt journalists.

Mission: to save a deluded, seduced, sold world

You know that there are Nazis marching along, Nazis who reject immigrants like my friends. But he and his new friends seem to think that editors like me are more dangerous now. In their eyes we are collaborators with these overpowering ones who would pull the strings behind the scenes. You are driven by a mission: to save a deluded, seduced, sold world. They want to free mankind from the yoke of masks, from PCR tests that were no good, from the threat of forced vaccinations. Laughing at these ideas got stuck in your throat at the latest when these new angry citizens posed together with right-wing extremists on the stairs of the Reichstag.

Many Corona skeptics are smart. My friend went to college and reads a lot in many languages. But when it comes to Covid-19, he trusts murky sources. How could it possibly come this far? Sure, the pandemic hit my friend badly. Since the lockdown and in view of the lack of tourists, he has been worried about his existence. A jewelry store, even in a prime location in Barcelona, ​​is currently no guarantee of economic survival.

It is understandable that those whose income is threatened by the corona restrictions keep asking themselves: does this really have to be? Who is more worth protecting: young families or old people? You implicitly ask this question when you state again and again that "almost only previously ill" people die of Corona, mostly "over 80 years old".

It's understandable, but the bottom line is shabby. Sacrificing old sick people so that younger ones are better off economically: This weighing is unethical and means the end of all humanity. I also reproach my Argentinean, who considers himself to be leftist, close to nature, fond of children.

Alleged experts propagate dubious theses

But those who promote such ideas, supposed experts who propagate dubious theses, are also responsible. What is meant are licensed doctors, and not only in distant Bolivia. The three-time specialist Wolfgang Wodarg, formerly a member of the Bundestag of the SPD, spreads that there is no real pandemic and underpins this with graphics and pseudo-scientific statements. Forensic doctor Klaus Püschel, forensic scientist at UKE, has said that most of the corona patients he autopsied would soon die of other diseases anyway, a claim that echoes in the global echo rooms of the Internet. As if any doctor could tell with certainty how long patients have to live.

If in doubt, shut up

Frank Ulrich Montgomery, World Medical President from Germany, also alienated me when he sharply criticized the new mask requirement in April. At the beginning of August, Montgomery then admitted that this criticism was false, that he had fallen into "scientific error". The man is just a radiologist and not a virologist! All the more he should not make false assumptions about the sense and nonsense of masks in the chest tone of world medical authority.

If medical professionals today spread unproven theses in a full-bodied manner, they not only contribute to destroying social cohesion. You are ultimately risking your life. Fulfilling the Hippocratic oath also includes keeping your mouth shut in case of doubt.

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