Who will win in LaLiga 2018 2019

In the sixth attempt now, everyone can again participate in the table game for the Primera División. On Friday, August 17th the new season starts, so there is still a week left for as many tip tables as possible.

There are no changes to the bonus questions this time. After a lot of adjustments, things settled down well last time, so everything stays the same as last year.

• Procedure and rules of the game:

Anyone who wants to can take part by creating the final table of the new season that they expect and answering the various bonus questions.

At the end of the first half of the season, all table tips are evaluated and the interim results are announced. However, this is not included in the overall ranking, but only serves as an overview of the previous performance.
After the last game day, the evaluation of the tables and the various bonus questions begins.

The evaluation of the tips goes as follows: For each correctly picked place there are 20 points. The gradations are two points per place difference. One place difference gives 18 points, two places 16 and three places 14. If there are ten places difference, there are still zero points, then it continues with minus points in steps of two. Eleven places difference would result in minus two points, the maximum value, 19 places difference, would result in 18 minus points.

A short hypothetical example to clarify:
A user types Atlético as 1st, Barcelona as 2nd and Real Madrid as 3rd.
In the final table, Atlético is 1st, Barcelona 5th and Madrid 14th.
For Atlético you would get 20 points because of the exactly correct tip, for Barcelona because of three places difference 14 points and for Real Madrid because of a difference of eleven places minus two points. Depending on the tip, between +20 and -18 points can be achieved for each place in the table, to which the bonus points are added at the end. However, nobody has to worry about a negative result, according to the tips of the last few years all participants would have been far removed from it.

Almost all bonus questions are rated with 5 points. There is only the possibility of being right or wrong - either 5 or 0 points can be achieved per question.
The same applies to the bonus questions with multiple answers. These require the naming of the respectively required number of clubs. There are also 5 points for each correctly named club. There are only 10 points for the correct prognosis of the master.


In the first post you can find blank lines 1 - 20 as well as the bonus questions. Please just add this to your own comment and add it accordingly.


This thread is intended solely for posting table forecasts. Comments on the tips of other users or on the performance of individual teams should accordingly be relocated to other threads provided for this purpose.

The topic will remain open until the start of the first day of the match. So if you want to wait a bit to see what is still going on on the transfer market, you can register until August 17th. Take your time. However, the table and bonus questions must be posted no later than the start of the first game (8.15 p.m.).

Otherwise I hope that there will be a lot of participation and I wish all participants a lot of fun!

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