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Chris Martin: Does he want anything more from Jennifer Lawrence?

Chris Martin still seems to be in contact with Jennifer Lawrence. Although the Coldplay frontman is now having fun with Annabelle Wallis, he is said to be in contact not only with his ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow, from whom he separated in March 2014, but also with 25-year-old Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence. He had an on / off relationship with her for about a year until they decided to go their separate ways last August. However, friends of the rocker believe that he is still dragging the problems he had with Jennifer Lawrence with him.

“It's a total twist of the role,” an insider told British “Grazia” magazine. “When Jen was with Chris, he still had an eye on Gwyneth, which is why they split up at some point. Now he's with someone new and it's like history repeats itself. He's still checking on Jen. In private, he has told friends that he seems to have difficulty breaking up with relationships. "

In addition, Chris Martin is said to have sent his ex numerous emails and text messages. The affair with Valais does not seem to have put any dampening so far. The two were recently spotted shopping in Paris, the city of love.

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