Why does a startup need mobile CRM

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Flexible and always up to date: with the right tools, even small companies can hold their own against the big ones. For example, with software for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) from Salesforce that can be adapted to individual needs.

Tool tip: Salesforce
Type: CRM (Customer Relationship Management - Tool)
target group: for startups & SMEs & companies
Test month:https://www.salesforce.com/de

Who needs a CRM?

Anyone who wants to find customers more efficiently, convince them and retain them in the long term should seriously deal with the topic of CRM. You can tell whether a central customer tool is necessary by the following signs:

  • Teams have to work closely together even if not all employees are on site.
  • Sales teams are often on business trips.
  • Customer data cannot be accessed centrally and quickly.
  • Important information is stored in different programs on different computers.
  • You will be surprised by the growth of your company.
  • Customer service and customer loyalty are areas with potential for improvement.

Gaining and retaining customers - this is how a CRM works for startups

The most important capital for startups are the customers who want to be won over and looked after. Solutions such as the cloud-based CRM from Salesforce, which grows with the needs of the company, help.

The cloud solution has significant advantages. Every employee can access all data on customers, prospects and leads from anywhere - also via mobile applications for smartphones and tablets. Updates are imported automatically, so the CRM is always up to date, the range of functions can be expanded as required.

It is also not insignificant: Founders do not have to worry about expensive hardware and do not have to assign employees to the care and maintenance of their own system. You can concentrate on the essentials: the successful implementation of your business model. Salesforce plays a key role in this. Every euro that is invested in a clever CRM pays for itself quickly. Successful startups such as Regiondo, Lieferheld, Tolingo, SumUp and Lead.Hunter have already convinced themselves of this.

CRM from Salesforce: Many functions, simple operation

An intelligent tool for lead generation and marketing automation helps founders to increase their profile and to capture potential customers. It doesn't have to be difficult: Salesforce offers an all-round carefree package with useful features. This includes a comprehensive database with complete company data and filter functions: cold calling is no longer necessary, potential customers and the right contact person are available at a glance.

Creating marketing emails, capturing leads online, tracking activity and integrating social networks are child's play with the Salesforce Pardot building block. Every employee is always up to date - transparency makes Salesforce an effective tool. Employee productivity increases by an average of 38 percent at companies that use Salesforce, and customer satisfaction also increases by 38 percent.

Transparency ensures maximum effectiveness - even for small startups

Another pound that Salesforce's cloud CRM can grow with is process automation: Because every employee - from the boss to the sales representative - can access all data in real time, decisions can be made more quickly. The result: more orders, more sales - 37 percent in each case for Salesforce customers.

Salesforce CRM is not only intended for large market players, it is also worthwhile for small companies with a manageable customer base. Salesforce makes sales, customer service and marketing easier for companies and therefore offers flexible solutions. CRM is growing at the same pace as your company's: with an expandable set of tools that range from preconfigured business applications to point-and-click tools for creating and customizing your own applications.

Tool tip:Salesforce
Type: CRM (Customer Relationship Management - Tool)
target group: for startups & SMEs & companies
Test month:https://www.salesforce.com/de