Most CEOs have dogs

Ogilvy CEO Thomas Strerath: "Consumers are cats, not dogs"

With his attack on the demands of the two DDB bosses Tonio Kröger and Amir Kassaei that agencies should become "creative management consultants", Thomas Strerath caused heated debates in the agency scene even before he took office as CEO at Ogilvy in May. That the successor to Lothar S. Leonhard on the executive chair of the Frankfurt Network is someone who wants to and will get involved, he proves in an interview with "Wirtschaftswoche".

"In the past, advertisers treated customers like a dog," said the contentious agency boss. But the time of conditioning "to the point of pain" is over. You have to make the consumer an “attractive offer to deal more deeply with the brand. That's why today's consumer is no longer a dog, but rather a cat. "The statements should not only rekindle the debates about the future of agencies that have flared up again and again for months. Also the classic market researchers - TNS Emnid, Icon Added Value and Research Internationally, like Ogilvy, they belong to the WPP group - after reading the "Wiwo" interview, the carotid artery is likely to swell.

One consolation: According to Strerath, the traditional media will continue to play an important role in the future. Strerath: “Brands have to stay in conversation even in the offline world. However, the stance of using either new or old media leads to a dead end. The question is: how and for what do I use media? " vs.