How does turkey neck taste

Turkey neck in bites

By Alexandra K. on March 12th, 2020

Our shepherd dog loves turkey necks. I find 2 pieces practical, because you still get pieces of meat and vegetables. There is the turkey neck at the end. Easily removed from the package and frozen flat. Impeccable quality.

By Katja Machule on September 4th, 2019

Dog tastes it :)

By Alexandra G. on June 4th, 2019

Gladly eaten bone =)

By Angelika Hoee on 04/28/2017

The quality is great, a lot of meat on it, but I thought it was really whole turkey necks. The 2 small pieces are swallowed by our wolfhound lady, a shame, otherwise full 5 paws!

By Marina Reiner on January 13, 2013

My Suki (Labrador girl) apparently tastes the necks very good. Are chewed up to the last and cut up with pleasure. I could easily remove them one by one from the packaging. They weren't frozen together. Thawed for 15 minutes near the tiled stove and dinner is thawed.

By Tamara Kunde on November 5th, 2012

I had thought that our Bernese mountain girl (will be 8 months old tomorrow) would take more time to enjoy it, but a bite and then the turkey neck was gone ... I might have preferred a whole turkey neck and no pieces desired. Removal was also only possible with "brute" force (use of a hammer). Otherwise a lot of meat!

By Anne Markmiller on 08/13/2012

Great product with a lot of meat on it. My big one has more to chew than the chicken necks that he tends to devour! Unfortunately, the necks are frozen together into a large lump and the individual removal does not work.

By nadine suhr on 11/21/2011

Not for small dogs and snakes. Our terrier can't get them cut up, the necks are too big for that. They have to be chewed. Our bulldog tried to swallow until the tongue turned blue. The chicken necks are more recommended.

By Maike Burgdorf on 07/09/2011

Our dog loves these turkey necks. We give one piece each as a treat. Since the turkey hulls are cut into pieces, one piece can be easily removed and the other pieces can be put back in the freezer.
We will definitely order this healthy treat with our next order, and not just once.