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The French word 'double' means 'doppelganger'. In film productions, doubles are actors who look very similar to a particular actor. They are often used to represent this actor in a scene that he cannot or does not want to play himself. For example, in nude or love scenes, or when the script says the actor is supposed to play an instrument that he cannot master. Doubles that take over dangerous film scenes are called stuntmen or stunt women.


High falls
The term for stunts that involve jumping or falling from a great height.


Rigging is an English word from the sailor's language. Originally it referred to the rigging of a sailing ship, i.e. mast and sails, but also wires, ropes and chains for fastening. When filming action scenes, 'rigging' describes special techniques with which one can make actors or objects fly through the air. In order to hurl a stuntman as real as possible during a film explosion, for example, he is secured beforehand with belts and ropes and pulled back at the right moment. Rigging techniques can be used to precisely determine the height of the flight or the direction of flight. Ropes, straps and brackets also increase the safety of the performers.


Second unit
When shooting elaborate films, two camera teams are often used. While the first team does the normal shooting, the second team, the so-called second unit, has special tasks. In the production of action films, second units are often used to take over the shooting of the dangerous stunts. The specialized teams are familiar with the necessary safety precautions and know how an action must be filmed so that it looks real in the film. Due to her experience with action shoots, the stunt scenes often only have to be shot once.

Stage Combat
Stage combat is about depicting a fight as realistically as possible without touching or injuring the opponent. Stage combat is used in both theatrical performances and films. Regardless of whether it is a karate scene, a fight or a fencing duel, blows and blows as well as the reactions are precisely planned and set in a choreography in a stage fight. Stage combat is generally part of the training of actors. In films, however, the fights are often taken over by stunt people.

Stunt is an English word and means 'feat'. When working on a film, dangerous actions such as jumps, falls or car accidents are referred to as stunts. Stunt scenes are planned by special stunt teams. In many cases, trained stuntmen or stunt women take on the role of actors in these scenes.

Stunt rider
Stunt riders are called stunt people who specialize in action scenes with horses and carriages. This includes, for example, jumping off horses, jumping on galloping horses or turning around in the saddle. However, stunt riders must also be familiar with keeping and caring for or transporting horses.

Stunt coordinator
The stunt coordinator is responsible for the organization and safety of the stunts on a film set. Before filming, he discusses the sequence of events with actors and stunt people. In addition, he trains the actors in all motion sequences so that they look good in front of the camera and are safe at the same time. Many stunt coordinators have worked as stuntmen themselves.

Stuntman / stuntwoman
As a stuntman, stuntwoman or stuntman people are called who perform a stunt. When filming, stunt people take on the roles of actors in dangerous or acrobatic scenes. The profession of stunt people also includes the preparation and planning of scenes and the provision of accessories, for example thick mats to cushion jumps. Stunt people must be extremely physically fit and well trained. It is also important that they can correctly assess the dangers and know which safety precautions must be taken for the respective stunt.


World Stunt Awards
The World Stunt Awards are American film prizes given to stunt people or stunt teams for spectacular and extraordinary stunts. The bronze statues, which resemble a film Oscar, have been awarded annually in the USA since 2001. Awards include the best action film star, the best action director or the best fight scene of the last year. The German production company action concept has already won the award for the best stunt in a foreign film several times.