The Star Spangled Banner is bad poetry

365 poems - by subject

All you need is love
Farewell; Oh the end is so gloomy; All You Need Is Love; As your face; The broken ring; Do you bust Leevsten? The wild Hans; The one lawsuit; Love; Douleur majestueuse; You are min; Marital quarrel; Marriage scenes; A Lovesong; Help; i am din you are min; I am sick; I loved you; I love you so much; No fire, no coal; To love means to unlearn arithmetic; Song of the knife sharpener Fabian; Song from Spanish; Harp Girl's Song; Song of a lover; Marie; To breastfeed me; Mignon; To read morning and evening; Queenie; Factual romance; Yesterday

Ballads & chants
Allons enfants; When the Romans got naughty; America; To the Germans; Annabelle; Addressing a stranger; Au claire de la lune; Rising from the Ruins; Ballad; Ballad of inadequacy; Brothers in mines and mines; Carmina burana; The hunchbacked little man; The grave in Busento; It comes from rowing; The Song of the Germans; The God and the Bajadere; The harung; The dance of death; The brave Swabian; The Bridge on the Tay; The international; The Pirate Jenny; A wind is blowing from the south; Elf king; Aviator song; Stranger evening song; Ganymede; Gaudeamus igitur; Go out of my heart; Rescued; Hamlet; Hatem; Heidelberg; Homeland; Mr. von Ribbeck; Heart in Heidelberg; Oops, now i come; Horsti Schmandhoff; Ick heff mol en Hamborger Veermaster see; In the black whale; It will all be over in 50 years; In the bar to the crocodile; Beyond the valley; Youth fountains; Kufsteiner Lied; Lodz; Lütt Matten, de Has; Macky knife; Mahomets singing; Merseburg magic spell; O Fortuna velut Luna, statu variabilis; Prometheus; Don't play with the dirty kids; Faithfulness and honesty; Interrogation of the good; From the pirates; Wild geese rush through the night

History & lived things
To those born later; Beresinalied; Caput 1 winter journey; The Heidelberg Castle; The last chapter; I think of Germany; A conversation about war; Yes, I would still like to experience that; Elector Friedrich; Easter walk; Tank song; Nice bridge, have carried me often; Sistine Madonna; Student at Heidelberg; About Goethe's poem

Art of living & philosophy
No! Today I am angry with luck !; But the man; But we let others do it; All things; All joys, the infinite; Everything is vain; Old story; Age; At the bottom of the Vltava; Per se; Fear and doubt; The best in life; Happiness; The ideal; Seize life; Praising; Measure the circumference of a cloud; The treasure hunter; The Guide; The old bad songs; The question; Thoughts are free; The hope of the world; The Philistines; The steps; Three gypsies; Another; A noble person; A same; A wise man; Encouragement; It's worth it; Error; Public holidays; Cowardly thoughts; Rejoice in life; Well lost; Good advice; Here we are gathered; To hope; I woke up so happy; In the middle; Children run away; Children's sand; Come over; Wreaths; Listen; Lighthouse; Lines inscribed; Some, of course; Sea of ​​error; My Goddess; With the watch in hand; At forty; Ne dites pas; Don't get tired; Again; Open board; Pancakes and salad; To travel; Repentance; Give; Sea fever; Soul and body; All in all; Part-part; To see a world; To wait foolishly for the reform of fools; All over; For free; Amusements; Of life; Attention!; When the roses

Human & Medicine
Medical round; To breathe; On the snipe line; For the time being; The Drinker's Song; The diary; The last drink; The dance; Death and the Maiden; The death; Man's soul; Diagnosis; The Statutory Health Insurance Physicians; The crutches; The worry; A word of medicine; Abstinence; Consequences of alcoholism; Fair deception; Le vin des amants; Le Vin du Solitaire; Restaurant; Sleepless; Cosmetic surgery; Spritzer; Drink !; Wine woman singing; Though

Nature & Seasons
Eve; Evening song; In the evening; At the well in front of the gate; To the moon; Asters; Come on, you young wanderer; The carousel; De lindenboom; The evening is my book; The tree; The Panther; The Swan; The stormy morning; The poplar; The Christmas party; The weather vane; He is it; First snow; Spring; Good night; Port; Autumn day (Hebbel); Autumn day (Möricke); Autumn day (Rilke); Autumn day (storm); Autumn day (Verlaine); Il pleut sur la ville; In summer; In the forest; Can anyone tell me? Not a beautiful country; Come dear May; Stay in the country; Le bois amical; Mailied (Geibel); Mailied (Goethe); Mailied (bushel); Masked ball in the high mountains; Moonlit night; Morning Has Broken; Fog on the Wadden Sea; Night song; No more a roving; Now winternights enlarge; O Rose, thou art sick; O valleys wide, o hill; Bad weather; Seafaring; The Tyger; To Autumn; From the Wolffesbrunnen; Before day; Early spring; Wanderer's Night Song; Christmas; Whom God will prove right favor; Where?

Schlager & Hymns
Alt Heidelberg you fine; Brother drink; I want a cowboy for a man; Lilli Marlen; Arcadia Girls; Marble, stone and iron breaks; Night express to St. Tropez; Polish girl; Red lips; Tell me quando; Sajús njeruschymyj; Beautiful playboy; Show business; Poison pigeons; The Star Spangled Banner; Above the clouds; We were in front of Madagascar; Where the North Sea waves hit the beach; Yellow submarine; Sugar doll

Sadness & consolation
On the death of my child; Tidy; God keep us; Book of life; Dies irae, dies illa; Everything passes; Joyful and sorrowful; Against seduction; Half of life; When I was younger I was happy in the morning; Let go of this doubt, Klauben; Resignation; From good powers; What is the human

Pun & joke
On the Schwäb'sche Eisebahne; With vampires; Bim bam bum; Boomerang; The greaseproof paper; The child in the man; The; The cursing bishop; The bright spot; The spoon dwarf; The killer marten; The pope; The sunset; The werewolf; The ants; The authority; The giant lady of the October meadow; The impossible fact; The time; A sinister donkey spoke once; A gray eye; A male stamp experienced; A bird; Found my right one; Freedom; Futurology; Gallows mountain; Martyred; Good bowel movements; Heho; Heaven and Earth; High the world !; No priest; Korf makes up some kind of joke; Korf likes to read quickly and a lot; Men; Materials for a critique of the most popular poem form; North; Take an old man; No way; Knight Kurt's Bridal Ride; Knight Prunz von Prunzelschütz; Savoir vivre; Be modern; They sat and drank at the tea table; Animals from the depths; Vegetarian; To not; Twelve tons; Cypress trees