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Choral music

The NDR choir celebrates its 75th anniversary.

We are celebrating 75 years of the NDR Chor this year. Part of the anniversary season should also be a concert planned for November 2020 in the St. Petri Church in Hamburg, which the NDR choir was unable to perform due to the renewed pandemic-related restrictions. Fortunately, it was possible to record the concert program as planned.

How Gregorian chant shaped Arvo Pärt's works

Arvo Pärt's works, which are the focus of this program, bear witness to a deep religiousness and an intensive examination of Gregorian chant. Arvo Pärt once said: "I wanted to find something that was alive, simple and non-destructive, an absolute melody, a naked voice that is the source of everything else. I found all of this in a music book that I found in a church Tallinn got. I started playing and singing these tunes. It was like getting a blood transfusion. I had managed to build a bridge between yesterday and today, a yesterday that was centuries old. In those years I filled Thousands of practice pages. It was terribly strenuous work. Gregorian chant taught me one thing: there is a cosmic secret behind the art of connecting only two or three notes. "

Renaissance composers

Arvo Pärt shares this striving for clarity, spirituality and balance with composers of the Renaissance, with works by Raffaella Aelotti and Francesco Guerrero, which are combined with Pärt's works in this program entitled "God and Nature".

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Choral music

In the show we present singing at the highest level. Choral music from all centuries, from all countries and times and choirs from all over the world. more