What's wrong with being ruthless

Comment: Reckless youth? Nobody demands the right to party

A young woman tells ZDF that she misses the party life very much. On Twitter the sheer hatred breaks out over them. Why? Our columnist sees a pattern.

The situation shortly before the Corona autumn is like a powder keg. The number of cases is exploding - and so are tempers with them. The second wave washes a lot of pent-up anger. On the Internet, the concentrated hatred pours over people, some of whom do not deserve it.

Ida can sing a song about reactions that are in a completely different league than the trigger. You don't know Ida? Neither do I, actually, just a statement from her about 25 seconds long, broadcast in a "heute journal" report on ZDF.

Ida is in her early twenties and has wavy brown hair. I don't know much more about them. But I can imagine that the last few days have not been funny for her at all, but rather scary.

Because Ida was thrown to the Twitter mob to eat this week. Somebody had posted a short clip with her statement there, with the comment: "First World Problems" - in other words: "Whining at a very high level".

No stop for the "haters"

And with that Ida was released to be shot. In even more friendly insults, the young woman was described as a nymphomaniac, and worse, of course, and was accused of drug use. Some of the comments below the tweet were so hateful.

The author first called on those involved to moderate their tone. The appeal was met with little success. In the meantime, the young man has therefore deleted his tweet, as he writes when asked.

What happened? What did Ida say? That she has a right to party due to her age and will therefore continue to celebrate secretly, without a mask, without any distance?

"That's sad" - this statement heats up people

Ida did none of that. All she said was: "I haven't been partying since March, and before that I was somewhere three times a week, and that's sad, because I actually need it, I depend on it."

A young woman lacks the ability to go out. She says she is sad. And that she hasn't been partying since March. And that's not enough? What do we actually ask of each other? Can't you even miss anymore?

Sure: The rules of decency currently require sacrifices. We all have to give up something. But that does not mean that people (may) no longer have needs.

Ida pulls herself together. She knows exactly what is missing and can articulate it openly. But apparently there are people for whom even expressing feelings goes too far.

A new level of escalation has also been reached in politics

Politicians are used to being harsh, but even in times like these they have to be more careful than usual about what they say. There is huge concern in politics: Will the mood change at some point? How would a second lockdown be accepted? 2021 is a mega-election year. What is happening now sets the first course. The mood is hyper-nervous.

Markus Söder (CSU) clearly demonstrated this this week with a reaction to Christian Lindner (FDP). Both have something in common: Both are leaders of their respective parties, both are under pressure. Lindner's FDP comes dangerously close to the five percent hurdle again and again.

Söder rules Bavaria, and thus the federal state in which the nationwide first lockdown of this second wave in Berchtesgaden just had to come into force. That doesn't exactly create a tailwind for any ambitions for the chancellorship.

Another parallel: Both like to share, sometimes vigorously. But measured by this, Monday ranks relatively high on the escalation scale: The FDP should consider whether its course, which it has imposed together with the AfD, is really the right one, said Söder. What happened?

Did Lindner deny the medical benefits of masks, as some AfD members of the Bundestag do in front of the camera? Was Lindner caught packing his suitcase to take part in the crude trip of AfDlers to the Nagorno-Karabakh war zone? Was he hiding in a train toilet from police officers who had been called in to remind him of the mask requirement, like the deputy AfD federal chairman Stephan Brandner a few weeks ago? Had it come to that with the FDP boss?

Christian Lindner had done none of this. But simply said that one should "not overdramatize" the corona situation.

Have we forgotten how to listen?

Whether the derogatory word "overdramatize" is appropriate in view of the warnings from experts and the fact that Berlin-Neukölln can no longer track 70 percent (!) Of the infections - this can be discussed. But many no longer want to discuss. Not even listening anymore.

This is not without consequences. Ida may be afraid of being recognized on the street for a few more days. That will pass. Those who like to get excited will look for a new Ida. And at some point Ida will go party again. Hopefully only when it is allowed and safely possible again.

The culture of debate, however, has long been dependent on the ventilator, and the anger factor continues to grow exponentially. And artificial respiration, doctors say, always causes damage. Permanent damage.