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BTS: The K-Pop Stars' Secret Nicknames


BTS Reality Show: New Episode "Bon Voyage"

BTS really go out of their way to give fans a glimpse into their lives. They post a lot on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter to keep their community updated. BTS-Star V has even sent out private photos to a fan! Because Jin, Jungkook, RM, J-Hope, Suga and V want to be very close to their followers, they founded the community platform Weverse. Besides that, BTS also have their own reality show called "Bon Voyage". The members of the K-Pop band film their travels and adventures around the world here. There are a total of four seasons of the series and in one season we learned what secret nicknames the BTS stars have for each other ... 



The secret nicknames of the BTS stars

In the second season of "Bon Voyage", BTS are accompanied on their trip to Hawaii. This season, the K-Pop stars also reveal previously secret nicknames of each other. In one scene of this episode, BTS spontaneously give themselves new nicknames and come up with the funniest ideas:J-Hope turns his name into "J-Dope" while Jin calls himself the "Bread Genie" and Junkook says his name would probably be "Justin Seagull". Jimin chose the name "J-Move" and Suga was called "Yeon Kimin". But the craziest is RM, who called himself "Porrnesian Parrapio". Whatever that means, fans love these secret nicknames! Do you want more secrets from the K-Pop stars? Here come the secret members of BTS: The Bangtan Dogs. 🐶