What automations should Shopify stores consider

Shopify Plus vs. Shopify

1) Support manager for your e-commerce business

As a Shopify Plus customer, you and your company will become a so-called Merchant Success Manager assigned. This means that you don't have to come into contact with different people every time. Your personal support manager knows your concerns exactly and can therefore support you better, which also helps you to save valuable time.

2) International shops

With Shopify Plus it is possible up to 10 different stores to put on. With that you can respond individually to different markets, Adjust languages ​​and content, but also set different payment methods, prices and currencies. This can significantly improve your international presence and Increase conversion rates. This means that you are well prepared for this area, which, in addition to cross border fulfillment, is one of the most important factors for international scaling. Incidentally, fulfillment service providers with an international network and Shopify integration can also be helpful in this project.

3) Employee accounts

With the standard Shopify plans, is it possible to have accounts for up to 15 people to apply, so is this at Shopify Plusunlimited possible. This saves large companies the often tedious sharing of accounts.

4) More bandwidth

This property is important for very large companies, but also for e-commerce businesses that are too specific Peak times like Black Friday, sell large quantities in a short period of time. With Shopify Plus it is possible to perform up to 11,000 check-outs per minute. This is important because nothing is more frustrating than not being able to serve customers who are willing to pay.

5) Shopify Scripts

Shopify Plus customers also have access to Shopify scripts. This can be used in certain Logic decisions intervened and the Personalized customer experience for online shoppers become. The big advantage here is that this can be done directly in the Shopify environment, which means that automations and individual adjustments can be set relatively easily.