Does Donald Trump have a similar look

Now it's getting weird ...

Now it's getting weird! A steak that is supposed to look like US President Donald Trump goes viral on Facebook - and generates delicious comments.

  • Many recognize Donald Trump's face on a steak.
  • The photo goes viral on Facebook.
  • The comments are delicious.

Washington - Have you heard of the term "pareidolia"? Maybe not. "Pareidolia is the phenomenon of being able to recognize supposed faces and familiar beings or objects in completely abstract things and patterns, the best-known example of which is the cloud images," explains the online lexicon for psychology and education at .

A particularly beautiful example of an object that is supposed to look like a person is currently coming from Facebook* Honor: This steak is supposed to look like Donald Trump*!

Facebook: Steak should look like Donald Trump

See that too US presidents in this? Of course you can reinterpret the layer of fat in your hairstyle and maybe even recognize Trump facial features in it. At least that's how many users see it who let the Trump steak go viral. The photo has now been shared more than 15,000 times. The English YouTuber posted itCarl Bradbury.

Donald Trump steak makes for delicious comments on Facebook

Was he the first to publish it? That remains just as unclear as the question of whether Photoshop was in the game. Or the “chef” who got the steak pushed it in some way until it looked like Donald Trump. But all of that doesn't necessarily hurt the chuckle. And not even the funny remarks.

"Why does this steak look like it is about to build a wall?" Bradbury gave the template. One of the reactions is best given untranslated in English: "I've seen a lot of steaks. No one knows more about steak than me. We have top people looking into steaks. Some great things, great things are coming from steaks. ”Otherwise, the comments are so full of puns that very few of them can be translated. With "Why does it look like Donald Trump with Elvis‘ hairstyle ", however, it works. "Why did I see Trump before I saw a steak," asks another.

Other reactions show that Donald Trump is kind of everywhere. Be it in the garden. Or in the oven. Whether you see anything is up to you.

Philipp Amthor recently created a kind of optical illusion in the Bundestag. And this wall photo remains one of the best optical illusions ever ... Will you discover it too? This banana (!) Should look like Bob Marley.

In contrast, the resemblance of the son of CDU politician Armin Laschet to a Hollywood star amazes even the US press.

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