Why are pregnant women in a bad mood

: The psyche in pregnancy

Parents can lose sight of each other in the daily grind. A conscious interaction with one another is important so that their interest in one another remains lively. An intact family life in which everyone involved is comfortable is often more valuable than a spotlessly clean household. As long as children are healthy and well cared for, it doesn't harm them if they stay with their grandparents or a loving babysitter for a few hours. On the contrary. The little ones also benefit from balanced parents. Breastfeeding children can also be taken in the car once in the first few months.

Both women and men have to do without many cherished peculiarities with a child. Many men feel left out of the intimate two-way relationship between mother and child, which can easily lead to relationship problems. Just as the baby is initially completely dependent on the mother, possibly accompanying every step of her, the responsibility as sole breadwinner is a burden for some fathers. Working mothers often get caught in a vicious circle of responsibility, guilt and longing for their child.

Therefore, mother and father should not allow themselves to be harassed by too many expectations, but should find their own way. With a child, life is no longer so plannable, but it is much more colorful and full of surprises.