How pigs make a burrow

German pig farming - an insight

Due to technical progress, the construction of stables has also changed and more and more technical innovations are finding their way into the stables. This development is often viewed critically, technical processes appear cool and sober, just controlled. But the advantages of modern stables for their residents should not be forgotten!

If pet owners decide to build a new state-of-the-art pigsty, this must be carefully considered. A lot of money is invested. If there is room for 2,000 pigs for fattening in a new stable, around 1 million euros will be needed for the building alone, including the slatted floor and basement (as of 2019).

In order for the animals to feel comfortable all year round, the temperature in the barn must be right and remain relatively constant throughout the year, regardless of whether it is summer, spring, autumn or winter. This is not possible without the appropriate technology. Technology costs! 70,000 euros for ventilation, 24,000 euros for heating and a further 13,000 euros for cooling. However, the animals are still unable to move in. The interior is missing, i.e. the feeding system, the drinking trough, the holders for activity material and the walls of the individual compartments. Together with the silo in front of the door where the feed is stored and the alarm system, the whole thing costs around 160,000 euros.

Theoretically, the first animals could move into this stable with this facility. But another 200,000 euros have to be invested. An exhaust air scrubber is required, which minimizes ammonia (NH3) as well as dust and, last but not least, odor. With a modern plant using acid and bio-washing, ammonia emissions can be reduced by around 85 percent. Since the Bundestag initiated the ordinance on the reduction of air pollutants in 2018, exhaust air purification is essential to achieve this reduction on a broad basis. Many costs of many things that do not appear at first glance.