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During the GDR era ... dachshunds and mixed-breed dachshunds in Thuringia (Bad Salzungen)

Salted dachshunds and dachshund-like ones:

At some point in GDR times we came up with the apparently clever idea “A dog must be here!” For the children, so that they get a meaningful task. Both of us, my wife and I - savvy educators, had this clever educational idea .: As a result, it was in half Honigbach then scratched precious oak front doors because there were bitches in heat there. We had the seldom stupid idea to always get males. The two dogs rummaged under every wire fence, disappeared while walking for several days and howled like wolves in front of the houses of the loved ones. Then the ABV came by from Kurhausstrasse with several advertisements. Because of the door and because of “paternity recognitions”, because cute white lace brown puppies (e.g. from the confectioner Erxleben) with dachshund noses got. The point of these events was that I had bought a freshly dewormed black “pure-bred” long-haired dachshund puppy near Zella Mehlis for a whopping 200 GDR marks. Schnuffi never became a dachshund - he was a cross between a dachshund and a cocker spaniel. When I wanted my money back for the “thoroughbred dachshund”, I got the money too. For this a bicycle was bought for my daughter.

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Ten years ago, when I was on the road as a lecturer in adult training here in Berlin, I put a large part of my learning material online free of charge.
E.g. for Photoshop:
or for CorelDraw:

Today, at times when school children have to stay at home, I can refer to free learning platforms such as:…/eltern-lehrer-klappt-lernen- Haus-345…

Learn school material online for 2 weeks free of charge……/webapp-Scoyo-Online-Lernplattform_182……/3793519-schulschlussung-w……/rubriken/themseite-schule-daheim-100…/Die-besten-Lern-Apps-kostenlos-Online… Ersatzprogramm-100.html

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There is absolutely nothing you can do, but you can also read, listen to books and watch films:

Online in the libraries:

filmfriend - the idea
filmfriend is a flexible video-on-demand solution for libraries. You can log in either directly via the filmfriend website or via the
Portal of the respective library. The users log in there with their ID number and password.

MOVIE TIPS IN MARCH…/678be66a-cc13-4bf6-91ab-e32b441…

38 audio books for free…

Listen: LibriVox audiobooks can be listened to for free by anyone on their computers, iPods or other mobile devices, or on a CD
To be burned.
Single example Germany a winter fairy tale…/

Internet Archive
A digital library which today includes large collections of texts and books, audio files, videos, images and software.

Example 2,391,413 audios

Example 999,183 videos

Single example of Charly Chaplin's “His new job”

Daily background news portal Gabor Steingart:

Read books online:;sort:2.html
Single example:…/

Most extensive German-language collection of older works with expired copyright. Disadvantage: All texts are only available online. With epub2go
If your IP address in Germany is blocked by, go online via Tor Browser (

Many Canadian libraries may close during the coronavirus crisis. The Gutenberg Canada project, however, remains for 7 days
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24,743,406 articles and books

Zulu eBooks
Single example Johanna Spyri

WIKIBOOKS (with advertising!)
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Single example Wikimedia cookbook
Cookbook: Chokladboll

Smart ass portals:

Your public library at your fingertips
Self-publications (under CC license), sortable by categories. One-click download in various formats.

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Ernst Thalmann had it on his head, as did Bertolt Brecht, Nick Kanatterton and Roger Cicero. Since Brad Pitt made his films with the horse muscled on his head, the stage character Heinz Becker (Gerd Dudenhöffer) can be forgiven for turning this headpiece back into a pensioner's hat. What is called a flat cap, mafia cap, mountain cap or Batschkapp elsewhere was called “PFERMUSER” in the Salzunger Platt until the 1960s. Derived from horse moulting, horse stealing, horse thief. Officially this cap is also called Schieber Mütze and has nothing to do with “Schieber” in the sense of smugglers or black marketeers. The name goes back to the old Berlin term “slider” for foremen. They are also called sports hats, casquettes, racket hats and racket p (f) anne. At the moment, the “Eisley Antoni Schieber Flat Cap, Men's Cap, Men's Hat” is a hit across Germany. Only problem, at amazon this horse muse is sold out!

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here: Berlin, Germany


It couldn't be bigger! (at SOLAR * SKY-LOUNGE & RESTAURANT * BERLIN)


Did I apply too late?

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Ghost of the town hall Bad Salzungen (here: Bad Salzungen)


2 wooden armchairs in Berlin (here: Mercedes-Benz Arena Berlin)



A spy suit from Richard Hebstreit

Many espionage stories are lied, fraudulent, falsified, exaggerated and understated, like this one here too, which had its strange beginning in a small town in Thuringia in May 1962 and its strange end in 1998.
It all started with what is now called “pulling”. “Peel off” and “rip off” are trivializing terms from the youth language for a situation of robbery, as it is often described. There is robbery or predatory extortion, i. H. appropriating the property of strangers under threat or exercise of violence.
Back in May 1962, the two protagonists who withdrew, Géza and Eberhard, were 16 years old and took an elongated old ammunition box from two weaker, younger children from Leimbach Kaiseroda, which contained a wide variety of interesting objects. A sword that I know today was a Chepesch curved sword from around 1550 BC. At the end of the 17th dynasty, a "divine weapon of Egypt" a divine insignia, the royal-symbolic use associated with it has been described many times. (
Several Reichsmark silver coins from around 1900 were wrapped in greaseproof paper and a great, shiny lump of meteorites, together with a Czech tin injection molded pre-war cookie gun, similar to a Walther PPK, formed a first-class boy's treasure. Although the ammunition for the pre-war toys from Bohemia had not been around for fifteen years. The Reichsfinanzverwaltung des Deutschen Reichs introduced the original weapon in 1937 for the customs investigation service. In Bohemia, the weapon was modeled as a crackpot toy for children. The cracker gun had absolutely no barrel. Where the barrel was there were loading bars for the popping cartridges. This pseudo-weapon could never have been fired, which is extremely important for the further course of this story.
Because, at the beginning of August, Géza and Eberhard applied for a fourteen-day vacation during their second year apprenticeship so that they could hitchhike to visit and explore the Baltic Sea. Geza was an apprentice lathe operator in the Bad Salzungen press works and Eberhard was an apprentice machinist in the thermal power plant of the Werra potash combine in Merkers an der Werra.
On August 3rd, a Friday early in the morning, both of them took the passenger train from Bad Salzungen to Eisenach. Everyone had a camping bag with them, around one hundred GDR marks and a few crackers. They intended to hitchhike in the direction of the Baltic Sea from the Eisenach motorway junction. Both of them had no idea about hitchhiking or hitchhiking - but they had heard from older friends that hitchhiking is adventure, hitchhiking is free and hitchhiking is great!

1. Getting lost at the motorway exit
further getting lost in front of the motorway entrance, similar to Uwe Mundlos and Uwe Böhnhardt,
2. Gotha
3. Leipzig
4. Berlin and prison in Stralau
5. Return
6. Grenzsoldet book
7. Max Christansen Clausen and Richard Sorge
8. Listening to the Stasi in Bad Dürrenberg
9. Careers counseling and chekists
10. Spies in Saltpans and Operation Ranger
11. Pilsen and Murr and Bader and Meinhoff
12. Herring and fish stories
13. Newspaper clipping service for the BND
14. PC network, Americans and demolition BND
15. OWC and BAT broadcasting
17 etc

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A spy suit from Richard Hebstreit

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>>>> Sibylle Berg - GRM - Brainfuck <<<<<
Reading & performance with music on the occasion of your new book, Festsaal Kreuzberg, Berlin on April 16, 2019, Tuesday April 16, 2019, doors open: 7:00 p.m., start: 8:00 p.m., Festsaal Kreuzberg, Am Flutgraben 2, 12435 Berlin

After all, "I love you - but stop!" Sibylle Berg said to me, who as a photo whirlpool in the first row directly in front of her nose, armed with four cameras, makes photo shit. Ne Canon 50D, ne Sony RX100, ne Sony Actioncam and my lame Motorola smartphone. Although, I was very cautious about the blitz. When are you already at a “performance on the book, a grime concert, a reading, a video evening - a joy”?

It is announced: “This is not a dystopia. It is the world we live in. Today. And maybe tomorrow. It won't be bad. Just different. Welcome to the world of GRM. ” With: T.Roadz (UK), Prince Rapid and Slix (Ruff Sqwad / UK), Otiti Engelhardt, Antonije Stankovic, among others Video: Chas Apetti and Alex Bunge. Director: Sebastian Schwab

Unfortunately I only read 100 pages in advance from GRM - Brainfuck. Every sentence there is masterfully sharpened against the sometimes shitty liberalism. Sibylle Berg's punchlines are right, like back then with Billy Graham - the “machine gun of God” and the darling of conservatives and blacks. Only here in the book and at the event in a totally diametrical direction. Sibylle Berg shoots the rethinking line. Literature can't change anything, it's no longer true since “Mein Kampf”. It also works the other way around because of the motivation when you have read the text!

The book is not scary for the future. This is not about the future. It's the simple present - against the brain-burned hatred and ignorance. ……… And… is sure to be a bestseller!

Further information:

Sibylle Berg: "GRM - Brainfuck"
Kiepenheuer & Witsch, Cologne 2019
640 pages, 25 euros

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Listen to my segment “Julia-die-kleine-Mohnnudelhexe” on Anchor:–die-kleine-Mohnnudelhexe-Gute-Nacht-Geschichte-fr-Kinder-3- 7-years-e3f2hn / Julia-the-little-poppy-seed-noodle-witch-verm0


Bad Salzungen historical press reports

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