How screwed is Trump

Trump's threat: one step too far

It was the famous drop that broke the barrel. The police killing of George Floyd is part of a long series of abuse of power by the authorities in the United States. The problem is structural and has always existed. The previous US presidents have tried to meet him with different courage. All without sustainable success. This also applies to the first non-white US President Barack Obama.

The pictures that you can now see of the current president are a chapter in themselves. Instead of sending conciliatory, maybe even self-critical tones in all directions, Donald Trump let himself be shot through peaceful demonstrators with tear gas - for the photo opportunity in front of St. John's Church with Bible in hand. Shortly thereafter, he threatened the use of the US military against rioters "if a city or state refuses to take the necessary measures".

Apart from the fact that it is constitutionally unclear whether he has the competence, it is likely that it is just another of his notorious strategic threats. But what the president is doing here this time is the stuff that dictatorships are made of. In his staging as "President for Law and Order" and as a savior in the Corona crisis for his white core electorate, he has gone too far. Trump is an agitator. Such a person should not be allowed to lead a nation. (Manuela Honsig-Erlenburg, June 2nd, 2020)

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