Which artist sang the song Time Bomb

Sue Foley, Deborah Coleman & Roxanne Potvin
Time bomb
The caravan moves on
For the 3rd edition of the successful Blues Caravan Tour, Ruf Records have again worked hard. They invited 3 first class guitarists and singers and subtitled the caravan 'Blues Guitar Women Tour 2007'. The first show in Germany started on January 25th, 2007. This time Sue Foley, who was already on the first Blues Caravan tour, is part of the party. Deborah Coleman and Roxanne Potvin. The three ladies not only have something to offer for the ears, they are also pretty to look at. The CD "Time Bomb" was recorded in the Okemah Studios, Minneapolis, so that music lovers can take a lasting memory home with them after the concerts. The Rundling is not only interesting for concert-goers, however. Furthermore, there will probably be a DVD of the show again, as in the previous year. When the time comes we will of course report on it.
The first song really gets down to business. With the instrumental "Time Bomb" the three women prove that they know how to use a guitar. The song is less in the blues than in rock'n'roll and comes across quite well. Only the bass drum sounds a bit vague. The second track, "Hitting On Nothing", by Roxanne Potvin is sung, it then goes in the direction of the blues with a slight pop. The voice of woman Potvin goes great with the piece. A short guitar solo rounds off the song.
One of the highlights on this disc is "So Far", the one from the Canadian Sue Foley is sung. The piano runs through the song with nice riffs and fills. A couple of great guitar solos were built in, which give the whole thing the flavor it needs. Vocally understands Sue to inspire here. The woman is no longer completely new to the business and has meanwhile recorded around 10 studio albums, which speaks for a lot of experience.
It continues with "Talking Loud" with that Deborah Coleman picked up the vocal mic. Funk and soul dominate this song, which comes across really great. The guitar solos flow loosely from the calottes of my speakers. "Strong Enough To Hold You" is one of the quieter songs on the album and at the beginning is very reminiscent of "With A Little Help From My Friends", but only at the beginning, because after that the song takes a different turn than that of the classic. The main focus here was on the singing of Roxanne Potvin that brings the song across great. A short guitar solo loosens up the song nicely.
Country influences were used in "Show Me". Particularly noteworthy here is the bar piano playing by Bruce McCabe, which not only performed well on this song. The vocal part took over Sue Foley. In my opinion, "Motor City" is the weakest song on the album and, despite the decent guitar solo, it can't reach me even after listening to it several times. I feel the same way with "Get Up". The blues was trimmed a little too much to be 'modern' for me. But "Two Moons Gone" pulls a lot out of the fire again. This song, which has been given country influences again, lives from Sue Foleys Vocals and the solid guitar work. The rhythm lets the feet automatically bob up and down.
The penultimate song on this round was christened "Don't Start The Car" and was technically vocal by Mrs. Coleman accepted. The piano grooves very nicely through the song. The conclusion of this CD is "In The Basement", which was sung by all three artists together. A worthy bouncer for a quite successful album that you can confidently play at one of the next upcoming parties without anyone nagging about the music. I'm really excited to see how the three women on the Blues Caravan Tour 2007 will come across, but I can already imagine that they will give their audience a lot of fun.
01: Time Bomb
02: Hitting On Nothing (Potvin)
03: So Far (Foley)
04: Talking Loud (Coleman)
05: Strong Enough To Hold You (Potvin)
06: Show Me (Foley)
07: Motor City (Coleman)
08: Get Up (Potvin)
09: Two Moons Gone (Foley)
10: Don't Start The Car (Coleman)
11: In The Basement (Coleman, Potvin, Foley)