How do you sound on the drums

3 practical tips from Taylor Hawkins

Become a musical drummer
by Taylor Hawkins,

Taylor Hawkins is known as the drummer of the Foo Fighters and also has his own band projects such as The Coattail Riders. Here he gives some practical tips on what makes a musically playing drummer.

  1. To listen

Open your ears! Listen carefully to every instrument in the band. And of course also yourself. Record yourself as often as possible and listen to how you sound in your band. Analyze what kind of impression you are making.

  1. timing

Play along with a metronome as often as possible! Not exclusively, but every day, regularly for a certain time until your internal clock has developed. If you practice an hour and a half a day - or as long as your parents can put up with you - make sure you play a metronome or click track at least a third of the time until you become sure of the timing. Timing is important! Especially if you want to work professionally. In addition, at some point your internal clock will also give you the security you need.

  1. Games to music

The 3rd tip I have is to play songs. Above all, plays all sorts of styles, not just Led Zeppelin! 😉 Plays to Michael Jackson songs, Queen songs, plays hip-hop, jazz and folk and whatever is trendy. Try everything, learn the grooves - and open your ears!

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