Can I fix this friendship

Saving broken friendship - this is how it can work

A broken friendship doesn't have to mean the end of time together. If the feelings for one another are still there, with a little luck you can re-establish the bond between them.

Broken friendships can be repaired if both people work on reuniting.

Saving broken relationships

  • When a friendship is broken, it is important that both people first step away from each other in order to relax. Find out why it came to this. Think about how deep the wound is. Also, think about what the other person means to you.
  • Aside from the fact that everyone thinks about it for themselves, a conversation is also very important. Try to talk to each other regardless of how you are feeling. Even if the friendship does not go on afterwards, you can find out the causes of the break together and also talk about a possible future together.
  • If both people are not interested in a continuation of the friendship, you can bury the hatchet and accept the matter. However, if you want to continue the friendship, you will need time.

Rebuild broken friendships

  • If both people are interested in rebuilding the friendship, you will need time and lots of discussion. You have to learn to trust yourself again. It helps if you process the break together and make sure that something like this cannot happen again.
  • Excuses are always good, but they shouldn't be permanent. If one of the two cannot forgive, repeated apologies are of no use. You have to forgive each other and at some point forget about the matter, otherwise rebuilding is not possible. The acceptance of the situation and the perspective for the positive are helpful. What did you both take away from the end of the friendship? What has turned out positively for you? Have you come closer? Did you get to know each other better as a result? Try to find the positive.
  • Don't expect miracles, mental wounds, just like physical wounds, take time to heal. Make the best of the situation and slowly approach it again. You won't be able to continue from the point before the break, but you can start over. Take all the time in the world for this.

A broken friendship can be healed. Patience and understanding are important. Good luck with it!

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