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TU Munich, FMI building, Garching December 6th. Starting positions internships final theses


1 VHK TOP chance for your future Munich 2017 VHK career forum IT, mechanical engineering / automotive TU Munich, building FMI, Garching December 6th, starting positions internships, theses VHK career forum IT, mechanical engineering / automotive page I Association for University Contacts e.v. (VHK)

2 VHK Career Forum IT + MB / Automotive Munich 6th Dec Program: TU Munich, Building Mathematics / Computer Science, Garching MI HS Uhr Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Manfred Broy: Welcome and opening of the Faculty of Computer Science at the Technical University of Munich: Patron of the presentation: Computer science in the automotive industry Risks, challenges, potentials and trends in research and practice different rooms WED HS 2 WED HS o'clock Lecture: Application and interview, Bernd Braun o'clock Lecture: What should I consider when choosing my thesis? Dr. Elmar Juergens MI HS clock raffle for the notebook clock Stand presentation of all participating companies Talks between student and company representatives. One-on-one discussions at the end and return of the buses Organizer: Association for University Contacts (VHK) Georg-Büchner-Straße Griesheim Telephone: Fax: Responsible for the content: Monika Mischek Printing: November 2017 printed on chlorine-free bleached paper

3 Foreword Monika Mischek Kajetan Gressler For more than 20 years now, the VHK career forum has been taking place as a company contact discussion specifically geared towards the IT, mechanical engineering / automotive sector. The concentration on a uniform industry brings the greatest possible benefit for all involved and contributes significantly to the success of the VHK career forum. The inclusion of all universities from the entire respective federal state takes into account the regional requirements of the labor market. It makes the event the largest job market for students in the relevant fields from the colleges and universities in Amberg, Ansbach, Augsburg, Bamberg, Bayreuth, Coburg, Deggendorf, Erlangen, Isny, Ingolstadt, Kempten, Landshut, Munich, Neu-Ulm, Nuremberg , Passau, Regensburg, Rosenheim. Through the use of free buses or the formation of car pools from all participating university locations, all interested students can get there without any problems. The VHK career forum IT, mechanical engineering / automotive is thus an attractive meeting point for students, professors and companies in the industry. The presentation of the companies at the company booth offers a suitable framework for deepening the dialogue between companies, students and professors. Here individual questions and details about career entry, internships, theses, etc. can be clarified with the key managers of the companies. The Association for University Contacts e.v. (VHK) with this special industry event meets the needs of companies, students and professors for mutual support and information exchange. The VHK career forum IT, mechanical engineering / automotive has become a permanent institution that takes place once a year for each region and contributes to the cooperation between university and business in the sense of the goals of the Verein für Hochschulkontakte e.v. to actively shape. The previous industry-specific events have been very positively received by all those involved. The next VHK career forum IT, mechanical engineering / automotive for Bavaria will take place on Wednesday, December 5th, 2018. Our special thanks go to Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Broy, Faculty of Computer Science at the Technical University of Munich, who again took on the patronage this year and supported the organizational preparations with great commitment, as well as Prof. Dr Bungartz, who supported the event in his capacity as dean of the Faculty of Computer Science. We would also like to thank the student council for computer science and the student council for mechanical engineering for their organizational support and the Technical University of Munich for letting us use the space. We would also like to thank all helpers and supporters before and during the event for their active organizational commitment. Our special thanks go to the student representatives and the professors, who made their students aware of the event and, in some cases, made it possible for the students to visit without problems by rescheduling lectures. We wish everyone involved every success and good discussions. Monika Mischek and Kajetan Gressler, Association for University Contacts (VHK)

4 Overview of companies and specializations Stand page Vehicle technology Aerospace Mechanical engineering Automation technology in general. Engineering (international KG x x x x x x x x x page 2 VHK career forum IT, mechanical engineering / automotive

5 Stand Page Automotive Industry + Technology Vehicle Technology Aerospace Mechanical Engineering Automation Technology in general. Engineering (internat.) Industrial engineering Mechatronics Telecommunications Electrical engineering Electronics Electrical and information technology electrical engineering (technical) Computer science Applied information technology Automotive information systems Business information systems Software Engineering Systems Engineering Mathematics Business mathematics Physics Other natural sciences Business administration Logostics others SEC Consult Deutschland Unternehmensberatung GmbH xxxxxx Silver Atena Electronics Systems Engineering GmbH xxxxx Softing xxxxxxx Steadforce xxxxxx Sulzer GmbH xxxx TechConnect GmbH xxxxxx Telemotive AG 9 16 xxxxxxx TESIS DYNAware Technical Simulation Dynamic Systems GmbH xxxxxx TNG Technology Consulting GmbH xxxxx TraceTronic GmbH xxxxxxx Trimble Terrasat GmbH xxxxxxxxx TTTech Germany GmbH xxxx VOLKE Consulting Engineers GmbH & Co. Planungs KG 7 12 xxxxx Wirecard AG xxx Würth Elektronik eisos GmbH & Co.KG xxxx x x x x x x x Zühlke Engineering GmbH x x x x x x x x Notes: VHK Career Forum IT, Mechanical Engineering / Automotive Page 3

6 Stand no. Company data engineering sciences 1 room B o'clock DLR GfR mbh A company of DLR GfR mbh natural sciences internships: approx. 40 in 2018 electrical engineering, computer science, aerospace technology, mechanical engineering, mathematics, communications engineering, physics, computer science, economics. Ing. Electrical engineering, landlord. Ing.Mechanical engineering team spirit, flexibility, intercultural competence, enjoyment of agile project work, good knowledge of English, desire to take on responsibility for a European project with international interfaces, a high level of initiative and sense of responsibility Internship, final thesis, working student activity, direct entry, yes, internships are predominantly in the Air division Navigation services possible yes, we mainly supervise bachelor, master and diploma theses in the area of ​​air navigation services. Spaceopal GmbH, headquartered in Munich, is a joint venture founded in 2009 by the partners DLR GfR mbh and Telespazio SpA A stay abroad in Italy / Fucino or Spain / Madrid is possible for professionals via a delegation. Aerospace DLR GfR mbh offers reliable and safe services in the aerospace sector. It operates and monitors the operation of the Galileo satellite constellation in the Galileo control center in Oberpfaffenhofen and, as an air navigation service provider, offers CNS services for airports. Main location in Oberpfaffenhofen near Munich 150 Simone Schubert Human Resources 2 room C o'clock IBM Client Innovation Center GmbH Hollerithstrasse Munich Ongoing for the locations in Munich, Magdeburg, Frankfurt, Cologne, Nuremberg and other project locations for electrical engineering and information technology, IT, applied IT, software engineering, Business Informatics Good degree, specific internship or thesis, knowledge of German at at least international level B2, good knowledge of English, independent and team-oriented way of working Career entry / recruitment, internships, theses IT IBM Client Innovation Center Germany GmbH (CIC) is a wholly owned IBM subsidiary. We feel the pulsating spirit of optimism of an entrepreneurial start-up combined with the sovereignty of an experienced and successful traditional company. Main location in Magdeburg, further locations in Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne; Project locations in Nuremberg, Berlin, Hamburg and other internships and primarily in Magdeburg, some 500 Sarah Fischer Notes: Page 4 VHK career forum IT, mechanical engineering / automotive

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8 Engineering 3 Room E o'clock GIGATRONIK München GmbH Taunusstrasse Munich Tel .: Fax: Internships and approx. 15 employees for the Munich location Electrical engineering, information technology, mechatronics, vehicle technology, industrial engineering, IT and technical IT, business IT, analytical and conceptual skills, independence and team spirit , strong communication skills as well as good knowledge of German and English Internships, student traineeships, theses, direct entry possible within the framework of projects GIGATRONIK offers with systems engineering and consulting pioneering IT solutions and embedded solutions for all technical areas of responsibility in the networked world. Stuttgart (headquarters), Böblingen, Ingolstadt, Cologne, Magdeburg, Munich, Ulm, Wolfsburg, Graz (A), Kerns (CH), Sarnen (CH) 1116 employees in 2016 Claudius Lierow Why VHK ... If you have any questions personal future or important personal decisions in the company. But how? The problem usually lies in the insufficient number of possible alternatives. The chance of achieving a goal optimally increases with the number of choices. For internships and bachelor or master theses, students and companies alike are faced with the question of who is the best fit: who can best work on and solve a particular problem, in which companies is an internship for study and for later professional life most efficient? Many companies now maintain contacts with universities. Usually to a university in the immediate vicinity of the company or to a university that is particularly interesting for an important subject. The quality and frequency of these contacts often leave something to be desired. And a lot of potential remains undiscovered. Supply and demand could be better coordinated: By coordinating the relevant, current information. Students UNIs FHs VHK Companies Internships / theses Cooperation between universities / business Company contact discussions / seminars Continued on page 8 Page 6 VHK career forum IT, mechanical engineering / automotive

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10 Continued from page 6 How ... With the help of an up-to-date database. I.e. not through a company report with basic company offers and company, personnel or image advertising. No other product should be added to these brochures that provides the student with addresses in their current needs, but that is not very successful because of the timing. The aim is to provide up-to-date information that will make a successful student-company match more likely. What ... goal of the Verein für Hochschulkontakte e.v. (VHK) is to promote contacts between business and universities / technical colleges and their students. Without being tied to a specific university and without being fixated on specific subject areas. Nationwide. This is what sets it apart from other non-profit associations, student organizations or university sponsorship associations: to be the interdisciplinary and supra-regional contact for students, professorships, universities and companies. The VHK offers various options: For students: Placement of internships and bachelor's or master's theses Participation in excursions (supraregional, subject-specific homogeneous groups) Application tips / training For chairs: Mediation of opportunities for cooperation with companies Research results Lecturer work For companies: Targeted placement of interns and bachelor's or master's theses according to the company-specific requirements: prior examination for compliance requirement suitability. Medium-sized companies can create a larger basis for the qualified processing of problems cost-effectively, without tying up their own resources and at the same time get to know future graduates. Large companies, whose main departments are spoiled with applications, can also supply their less important departments without any further effort. Information about research results Mediation of opportunities for collaboration with chairs on specific projects. Requirement-specific overviews of departments / universities Representation of your concerns at universities together with other companies General: Company contact discussions: VHK career forum ... (according to departments) Seminars with specialist and interdisciplinary content Special specialist publications, films, company publications, Exchange of experiences What for ... Free membership for students and universities / chairs and free services. Financing is provided through non-earmarked membership fees from companies and through events. Continued on page 9 page 8 VHK career forum IT, mechanical engineering / automotive

11 Continued from page 8 Aim: Up-to-date exchange of information, i.e. addresses are only given to companies if, according to the information available, there is actually a vacancy in a company and the requirements profile of the position corresponds in the essential points to the wishes and requirements of the student. We save students and companies work. Instead, we offer you an additional opportunity to get to know a company that currently has the same interests. We cannot guarantee the placement, but we can provide a good chance! Procedure: Requirement profile of the positions and personal data of the students are stored in a database and are compared against each other. According to several criteria: subject area, specialization, special knowledge, the type of assignment desired, time, duration, location / region, etc. The more information is available, the easier it is to find a suitable offer. If a company reports a specific offer, the company will only be given the addresses of the students with the corresponding profile for this purpose, provided that the students have given approval for this on the applicant's short profile. Whether this results in a successful contact is solely a matter between the student and the company. We expressly assure that personal data will not be passed on to companies for any other purpose. Voluntary work For each department at each university there should be a student representative of the VHK for his department. Students who volunteer in the association and represent at their university / location can learn and train skills through this activity that every graduate will need in their later professional life. For many companies, voluntary work is an important plus point for the applicant and is heavily taken into account in the assessment. A great way for students to work on themselves and develop their own personality. Students as voluntary employees in the VHK maintain contact between the company and their university for every subject and industry. For yourself and others. They get to know the company in detail. The time required is up to you. They are the on-site contacts for vacation activities, internships, excursions and bachelor's or master's theses and encourage regional companies to work with them. You will become a sought-after discussion partner / advisor for your fellow students and gain valuable contacts for your own future! Students who are interested in this should indicate this on the short applicant profile. Association for University Contacts (VHK), Monika Mischek, Georg-Büchner-Strasse 39, Griesheim, Tel .:, Fax:, Internet: Contribute to making the contacts for the business school more successful! Therefore VHK VHK Career Forum IT, Mechanical Engineering / Automotive Page 9

12 Stand no. Company data Engineering 4 in plenary isys RTS GmbH Moosacher Straße Munich Tel Internships: Final theses Ongoing interns, graduates and professionals for the Munich location Electrical and information technology, mechatronics, technical informatics, applied informatics, software engineering, industrial engineering E&I, industrial engineering MB, electrical engineering enthusiasm for the development of embedded systems, enjoyment of continuous further development, structured and analytical thinking skills, independent way of working, enjoyment of working in a team, first relevant experience, knowledge of German at international level C1 internship, practical semester, final theses, in-depth practice (dual), working student , Career entry as a graduate or experienced professional We continuously offer internships. Final theses are always possible. We are happy to offer you interesting topics. no Embedded development for the automotive, building services etc. industriesHeadquarters in Munich 55 Simone Schwankl 5 Room C o'clock Federal Employment Agency Munich Kapuzinerstraße Munich Our offer: Personal advice on all matters relating to studies and careers Seminars / workshops on career entry Support for career entry As a special service, we offer CV checks on Status of advice for university graduates Current vacancies at: Notes: Page 10 VHK career forum IT, mechanical engineering / automotive

13 Application documents Tips for the résumé and application photo The résumé The résumé is the most important part of the application documents. Two thirds of all HR professionals look at their résumé first. If you give your full address including telephone number, address and mobile number in your résumé, you have collected the first plus points. You should always start with the current situation, i.e. as a student or graduate. Stand out from the crowd You can apply if you put discreet colored lines under your resume. Internships and possible stays abroad should be listed. Include your training activities (language courses), hobbies and leisure activities so that the reader can find out something positive about you, e.g. B. if you were a trainer or instructor, worked voluntarily in social projects or worked in project groups or in the student council at your university. Always sign your curriculum vitae with the current date and full first and last name. Use phrases that contain keywords that fit the needs of the company, i.e. that are of interest to the company. No courage to leave gaps: Companies assume that high-performance applicants have no time gaps of more than two months in their résumé. The application photo You should always consult a photographer for application photos. Do not use a vacation picture, selfie or snapshot of friends. Choose your clothes, hairstyle and, for women, make-up as if you were going to an interview. Continued on page 13 VHK career forum IT, mechanical engineering / automotive page 11

14 Stand no. Company data Engineering Sciences Economics 6 Room C o'clock Provectus Technologies GmbH Leopoldstraße 250b Munich Tel .: other 5 graduates for the Munich location Electrical and information technology, mechanical engineering, mechatronics, industrial engineering E&I, industrial engineering MB, electrical engineering, mathematics, logistics, IT, applied IT , Physics location: IT IT service provider with a focus on virtualization, mobility and secure application provision Munich approx. 40 Good degree, specific internships or thesis, foreign language skills, German language skills at international level B2, independent way of working, Benjamin Stang training, in-depth practice (dual), Career entry / setting internships: Theses must be examined on a case-by-case basis. no engineering natural sciences 7 room D o'clock Internships: approx. 5 interns / 20 graduates for the Munich location Electrical and information technology, computer science, electronics, applied computer science, software engineering, vehicle technology, systems engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, mechatronics, communications engineering, physics , Industrial Engineering E&I, Industrial Engineering MB Natural sciences / technical studies, ideally internships or professional experience in the automotive sector, openness to new things as well as enthusiasm and fascination for the automobiles of tomorrow are decisive. The overall profile as well as the personal impression are decisive for a hiring. In addition to professional qualifications, a high level of teamwork and the spirit of discovery count. Foreign language skills and German skills at international level B2 Internship semester, theses, student trainees, career entry / recruitment We continuously offer internships in all departments. Theses are always possible. We are happy to offer you interesting topics. no VOLKE Consulting Engineers GmbH & Co. Planungs KG Schätzweg Munich Tel .: Automotive, IT solidity, know-how and fascination three keywords that concisely summarize VOLKE's self-image. Since the company was founded in 1968, VOLKE has grown continuously and has developed into a stable partner to the automotive industry. Over 450 employees at the Munich location give visions a shape from the first idea to series production. Our core competencies are particularly in the areas of software development, development / testing and design Munich and Greer (USA), other locations of the VOLKE Group in Germany and around the world> 450 Rebekka Pröll, HR officer Notes: Page 12 VHK career forum IT, mechanical engineering / Automotive

15 Continued from page 11 Take a second tie for the men or a second outfit for the women to the photo session and ask the photographer for his advice on which clothes you put in the right picture. If you are later invited to an interview at the company, you should wear the clothes that you were wearing in the photo. Take enough time for the appointment with the photographer. Color photos are widespread today. However, some people develop a much more interesting effect when they are photographed in black and white. Let the photographer advise you and choose the shape you like. Make sure you have the photo handed over to you as a file. So you can attach the photo directly to online or online applications. TIP: Sometimes you can deviate from the classic applicant photo, for example if you are applying for a creative profession. A civil engineer or an architect can be recorded in front of an interesting building. A software developer or web designer could colorize their photo. Application cover letter checklist 1. Convincing formally: No box sentences, no spelling and comma errors Complete documents: Cover letter, curriculum vitae, photo, high school diploma, preliminary and main diploma, internship certificates, bachelor’s and master’s certificates, all other certificates that are important for the job are. Make sure that the company address and the name of the contact person are correct. Continued on page 14 VHK career forum IT, mechanical engineering / automotive page 13

16 Engineering Sciences Economics Others 8 Room F approx. 50 In particular physical technology, physics, photonics, laser technology, electrical and information technology, mechatronics, (technical) computer science, industrial engineering and business administration Completed studies, first relevant professional or practical experience, corresponding tool - Knowledge, ability to work in a team, hands-on mentality, strong communication skills and independent way of working. Internships, student traineeships, thesis and direct entry for graduates and experienced professionals Internships: Internships are possible in various company areas and are advertised accordingly. We offer theses on various topics (primarily in the development area) by arrangement. no Instrument Systems GmbH Neumarkter Straße Munich Tel .: Instrument Systems sets global standards in light measurement technology with high-precision array spectrometers, color measurement cameras and sophisticated system and software solutions. International manufacturers of LED lights, display technology and automotive accessories as well as all important test laboratories and research institutes are among our customers. As a medium-sized company in Munich and Berlin, we develop and manufacture devices of the highest quality. As a subsidiary of Konica Minolta, we also benefit from a strong, global network. Munich and Berlin approx. 250 Matthias Montag Continued from page Convincing content: respond to the employer's requirements and name key words of the field of activity and present your own skills. 3. Neat appearance: It is essential to use uniform fonts, clean margins and a clear structure. If you send the documents by post, make sure you have a sturdy folder so that the documents look neat. Send the documents by email, formulate the cover letter in the same way as you would write a letter that you would send by post. Formal salutation, a clear structure, a short summary of why you are applying and the right person as well as a greeting at the end are also important and correct with this application process. Notes: Page 14 VHK career forum IT, mechanical engineering / automotive

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18 Stand no. Company data Engineering sciences 9 in plenary Telemotive AG Breitwiesen Mühlhausen im Täle Tel .: Fax: Other ongoing needs in all areas of IT, business information technology, communications engineering, industrial engineering, technical IT, electrical engineering, software development or similar courses of study Good degree, good knowledge of English, very good knowledge of German (min Level B2) Automotive supplier We are automotive supplier for engineering services, data loggers, laboratory electronics and test tools. Mühlhausen im Täle (headquarters), Böblingen, Munich, Ingolstadt, Wolfsburg approx. 600 internships and internships, theses, student traineeships, career entry, direct entry, possible positions in various (technical) areas. Depending on the focus, we will check whether we can offer you a suitable position. Nicole Neves, Recruiting, Tel .: no Economics 10 room C o'clock Dassault Systemes 3DExcite GmbH Rosenheimer Straße Munich Tel .: Internships: approx. 6 interns / working students / final theses for the Munich location Computer science, software engineering, business administration knowledge in computer graphics and C ++ programming , fluent knowledge of English, independent and solution-oriented way of working Internship semester / internship, theses, working student activity, career entry / recruitment We continuously offer internships in all departments. Technologies and services around the 3D high-end visualization / visualization industry, 3D visualization software Germany, France, Italy, UK, Belgium, Japan, China, USA 750 Lola Warnecke and Franziska Batsching theses are always possible. We are happy to offer you interesting topics. no Notes: page 16 VHK career forum IT, mechanical engineering / automotive

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20 Stand no. Company data engineering sciences 11 in plenary session NTT DATA Deutschland GmbH Hans-Döllgast-Straße Munich Tel .: Fax: other 300 (business) IT, technical IT, applied IT, systems engineering, combination of IT / mechanical engineering, IT affinity, interest in IT consulting Direct entry as a graduate (also Bachelor) IT service provider and consulting (with a focus on the manufacturing / automotive, financial services, telecommunications sectors) Munich (Headquarters D), Hamburg, Wolfsburg, Cologne, Frankfurt am, Ettlingen, Stuttgart and in over 40 countries Worldwide internships: yes as well as working student activities over the world (1,500 in Germany) yes, bachelor and master theses Ute Singer only in exceptional cases 12 Room C o'clock TTTech Germany GmbH Despag-Straße 4 (2nd floor) Ingolstadt Tel .: Internships: Due to constant growth, ongoing in various fields of electrical engineering and information technology, electrical engineering, computer science, software engineering. Relevant degree ss, foreign languages ​​(especially English and / or German) pre-study internship, theses, career entry / recruitment We continuously offer internships in all departments at the HQ Vienna, as well as in Germany on theses are always possible. We are happy to offer you interesting topics yes automotive, IT TTTech is a global technology leader in the field of robust networking and automated driving. TTTech solutions improve the safety and reliability of electronic systems in the industrial and transport sectors with a product portfolio that contributes to realizing Industry 4.0 and autonomous driving. Vienna (Austria), Brixen (Italy), Brno (Czech Republic), Bucharest (Romania), Ingolstadt and Wolfsburg (Germany), Tampere (Finland), Andover (USA), Nagoya (Japan), Shanghai (China) 550 Charlotte Osthoff Notes : Page 18 VHK career forum IT, mechanical engineering / automotive

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22 Stand no. Company data Engineering Sciences Natural Sciences 13 in plenary ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH Livry-Gargan-Straße Fürstenfeldbruck Tel .: other internships and around 25 interns and 25 working students as well as 100 graduates, mainly for the locations in Munich, Fürstenfeldbruck, Ingolstadt and Wolfsburg Electrical / communications engineering, computer science, vehicle technology, automotive software engineering, aerospace technology, systems engineering, mechatronics, business informatics, industrial engineering, mathematics, statistics and data science Technical studies as well as the desire to work independently in technically demanding customer projects Knowledge of Software technologies, system development, test management and technical project work. Good German and English skills Internship, working student activity, thesis, trainee program, direct entry yes no Engineering with a focus on automotive, aerosystems and cyber / IT Fürstenfeldbruck, Munich, Ingolstadt, Donauwörth, Stuttgart, Bonn, Koblenz, Rüsselsheim, Wolfsburg, Berlin approx Stefanie Huber Engineering Sciences 14 Room C o'clock TESIS DYNAware Technical Simulation Dynamischer Systeme GmbH Baierbrunner Straße Munich Tel .: Fax: approx. 4 working students / 3 graduates for the Munich location Mechanical engineering, vehicle technology, electrical engineering, physics, mathematics, computer science, good degree, independent way of working, ability to work in a team , good German and English skills Simulation specialists, software developer automotive, according to simulation solutions for vehicle development Munich, Ingolstadt, Wolfsburg, Rüsselsheim 60 Marta Bednarski Internships: yes yes depending on the position Notes: Page 20 VHK career forum IT, mechanical engineering / automotive

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24 Stand no. Company data Engineering sciences 3 p.m. Room C o'clock Softing Richard-Reitzner-Allee Haar Tel .: Fax: other approx. 30 students (interns, theses, working students) Electrical engineering, information technology, computer science, technical informatics, automation technology, software engineering, automotive software engineering, industrial engineering Hard - and software for automotive, industrial and IT networks Headquarters in Haar near Munich, Nuremberg, Kirchentellinsfurt. Further locations in Europe and USA technical understanding and interest, at least 1 programming language, from 3rd / 4th Semester, if possible, first relevant practical experience through internships etc., good knowledge of English, knowledge of German at least B2, open communication style, independent work and ability to work in a team. 440 Ariane Bartl Hardware developer, software developer, system engineer at the customer's site , Junior Sales Manager Internships: yes, also working student activities yes, Bachelor and Master theses no 16 in plenary session BSI Business Systems Integration Deutschland GmbH Altheimer Eck Munich Tel .: approx. 2 to 3 interns and permanent positions for the Munich location Informatics, Applied Informatics, Software engineering Enjoyment of software and customer contact, completed studies, initiative, creativity, team spirit, responsibility, analytical thinking Software development of business applications for CRM, CTMS, customer service & individual software Germany: Munich, Düsseldorf, Darmstadt Switzerland: Baden, Zurich, Baar , Bern 250 internships: direct entry, on-the-job training, internships, Working student activities We also offer internships. Claudia Isler Unfortunately not possible. yes Notes: page 22 VHK career forum IT, mechanical engineering / automotive

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26 Stand no. Company data Engineering Sciences Natural Sciences 17 in plenary session Trimble Terrasat GmbH Haringstraße Höhenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn near Munich Tel .: Fax: 5 other working students, 3 graduates, 3 interns Geoinformatics, geodesy, aerospace technology, astronomy, electrical and information technology, mechanical engineering, mechatronics, IT , Applied Computer Science, Technical Computer Science, Mathematics and Software Engineering Depending on the area of ​​application, knowledge of C #, C ++ or JavaScript; Experience with open source environments and tools such as GitHub, NuGet; Experience in GNSS; very good knowledge of English; Team spirit, creativity, initiative and communication skills. Pre-study internship, internship semester, thesis, student trainee, career entry / setting internships: We continuously offer internships in the Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) area. Final theses are always possible. We are happy to offer you interesting topics. no Dr. Herbert Landau Surveying, Precise Agriculture, Civil Engineering, Automotive, IT Worldwide leading manufacturer and developer of software for high-precision position determination with GNSS branch in Höhenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn (main location in Sunnyvale, California, USA, plus worldwide locations) worldwide, approx. 85 in the Höhenkirchen branch Engineering Sciences 18 Room E Clock TraceTronic GmbH Stuttgarter Straße Dresden Tel .: Fax: other internships and approx.30 graduates and 20 interns per year distributed across our locations electrical engineering, mechatronics, vehicle technology, computer science, mathematics, physics and related disciplines Pronounced analytical thinking and abstraction skills, quick comprehension, a structured and conscientious way of working, initiative, teamwork, communication skills Internships, study and theses, student traineeships, direct entry, you can find our job offers at Depending on your previous knowledge and personal affinity, you can support you in current projects in Dresden, Ingolstadt or Munich. If you are interested, you can also support our employees at our location in Michigan, USA. Innovative solutions, services and software products for the high-quality development and validation of complex embedded systems for the international automotive and supplier industry Dresden (headquarters), Munich, Ingolstadt, Stuttgart, USA (MI)> 150 Annette Steitz, Isabelle Haack Notes: Page 24 VHK -Career forum IT, mechanical engineering / automotive

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28 Stand no. Company data Engineering Sciences Natural Sciences 19 in plenary DONAT group GmbH Friedrichshofener Straße Ingolstadt Tel .: Internships: approx. 5 graduates for the Ingolstadt and Munich-Garching locations Electrical and information technology, computer science, business information technology, mathematics, industrial engineering Completed degree in computer science or mathematics or one Mixed degree course such as Business informatics First experience in the areas of software development and / or IT consulting Fluent German and basic knowledge of the English language Analytical, concentrated and structured working method Pre-study internship, internship semester, theses, in-depth practice (dual), working student, career entry / recruitment, trainee program We continuously offer internships in all subject areas as well as working student positions. We offer diploma theses, bachelor and master theses on request. No Automotive industry, IT, IT / telecommunications Ingolstadt (headquarters), Munich-Garching, Neckarsulm 250 Ivana Kvockova Special features of an application In terms of content, the application hardly differs from the written application (cover letter and résumé do not change!). You should always find the right contact person. A dear Sir or Madam seems impersonal. Format the cover letter like a letter and save it as a PDF file. Use simple formatting, avoid special characters. Data attachments should be in PDF format and not be larger than 4 MB. Avoid sending packed archives (ZIP files) as these are often blocked by virus scanners. Send yourself and a friend the application to test to check for errors and display problems. Avoid automated receipts. Give the subject line a clear and meaningful name. Make sure that this line does not have more than 19 characters if possible. Make sure you have full contact details in the. If possible, do not send your application via a fre - provider who has integrated advertising. Use your own, appropriate, unique and private address, not that of a company. Notes: Page 26 VHK career forum IT, mechanical engineering / automotive

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30 Stand no. Company data 20 in plenary iteratec GmbH St.-Martin-Straße Munich Tel .: other internships: Personnel requirements 2018 in Munich: Approx. 10 working students and 10 graduates + others at other locations (business) IT; other courses with a strong IT focus. Great interest in individual software development for our customers. The project language is German (from B2). Working student activities and permanent direct entry with mentor. Also dual studies after consultation. yes (at least 3 months) Individual software development and IT projects for customers as well as architecture and technology consulting Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich (main location), Stuttgart, Vienna, Wrocław (Breslau), Zurich> 250 Christina Hirschauer yes (Bachelor and Master) ) after consultation engineering sciences 9 p.m. AKKA Germany, MBtech Riesstrasse Munich economics internships: We are always looking for motivated and technology-loving engineers, technicians and IT learners (male / female). Applied computer science, electrical and information technology, electrical engineering, vehicle technology, computer science, logistics, mechanical engineering, mechatronics, industrial engineering E&I, industrial engineering MB, software engineering, chemistry, physics, mathematics, aerospace engineering We are looking for people with a sense of responsibility, entrepreneurial thinking, mobility and ability to work in a team. Internship, thesis, student trainee, dual studies, career entry / recruitment We offer internship positions in all departments. We offer theses in all subject areas. Possible by arrangement Telephone: Mobility industry The AKKA Group and its companies, which also include the MBtech Group, are innovative engineering development houses. Around the world, around engineers and consultants work on integrated solutions for manufacturers and suppliers in the automotive, aerospace and rail industries. Berlin, Böblingen, Bremen, Fellbach, Hamburg, Ingolstadt, Mannheim, Mönsheim, Munich, Neckarsulm, Neutraubling, Neu-Ulm, Papenburg, Regensburg, Rüsselsheim, Rutesheim, Sindelfingen, Waiblingen, Weissach-Flacht in Germany, worldwide Claudia Lieb Notes: Page 28 VHK career forum IT, mechanical engineering / automotive

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32 Stand no. Company data engineering sciences 22 in plenary session SILVER ATENA Electronic Systems Engineering GmbH Dachauer Straße Munich Tel .: Fax: direct entry internships and 30 permanent employees, students electronics, electrical engineering, vehicle technology, mechatronics, aerospace personal and professional suitability in Germany: yes no As a recognized development partner and As a system supplier for safety-related electronics, we develop solutions for future-oriented applications in the aerospace, aero engines and automotive sectors. We take on the development of hardware / software as well as overall systems. Our own products such as control units, test systems or test benches complete our portfolio. Munich, Hamburg, Bremen, Stuttgart approx. 300 Daniel Brüggemann Successful telephone application Friendliness counts. It's quick to choose and you can immediately hear the HR manager named in the job advertisement. Anyone who stutters now or cannot utter a word has bad cards. Contacting a potential employer by telephone is a very good way of looking for a job (also for internships), especially if an unsolicited application is planned. Use the knowledge advantage: The information received in the phone call, cleverly inserted into the cover letter, turns an anonymous application into a person who is no longer unknown. Little things are known to make all the difference. Anyone who remembers a positive phone call reads your application with different eyes and the chance of an interview increases. Note: In a telephone conversation, the content of a personal interview is partly anticipated. So be careful: you have to be prepared for relevant questions as if you had prepared for a personal interview. Notes: Page 30 VHK career forum IT, mechanical engineering / automotive

33 Notes: VHK Career Forum IT, Mechanical Engineering / Automotive Page 31

34 The job interview Job interviews have a ritual character. You are expected to have dealt with typical blocks of questions before the interview. The blocks of questions relate to your professional profile, your additional skills, your willingness to perform, your strengths / weaknesses and your emotional stability (questions of stress). Prepare your skills in such a way that they are of interest to the potential employer. In response to the question What do you bring with you for the advertised position? you should be able to convey your competence in a three-minute self-presentation. Of course, there are no sample answers to memorize. You can still prepare yourself for questions about your willingness to perform: What has been the greatest success in your life so far? you should answer professionally. The more specifically your answers relate to previous professional activities, the better. If you are interrupted often, you should keep it brief. Job interview checklist Prepare yourself for a three-minute self-presentation to present your professional strengths profile using the formula: You are looking for ..., I offer ... Answer abstract questions about your non-technical skills with concrete examples. Prepare to be able to identify three strengths and three weaknesses. What did you do to get a grip on your weaknesses? Ask your own questions: about the main focus of the job, about colleagues and superiors, etc. Use your realistic salary expectations to document that you know the industry. Appear in the clothes you were wearing in the application photo. Why should we hire you? A typical question at the end of an interview. Use the opportunity here again to advertise yourself. Very important: think about at least three arguments beforehand that speak for you and highlight your personal strengths. Convince your interlocutors that you would be of benefit to the company, because Note: What are the advantages, positive effects etc. the company will have if you are hired. Concentrate on all the requirements and expectations that the company has formulated. But only on this one, because nothing else is so important for the company in this situation. Here you need to get to the heart of the matter. Notes: Page 32 VHK career forum IT, mechanical engineering / automotive

35 Tips for the job interview During the job interview, the first few seconds determine whether the person you're talking to finds you likable or not. In order to optimize this first contact, you should pay attention to the following points: Waiting It is seldom that your turn is immediately at an appointment. Sit comfortably in a chair and dream a little. Think about your hobby, your friends, your first love. This is important to keep you relaxed and relaxed. Your body and thus your mind will calm down and have a positive effect on your body language. In addition, it puts a smile on your lips and smiling people are much more sympathetic to us. The greeting In business life, people still greet each other according to the hierarchy. This means that employees greet the senior or the boss first. Men stand up, women are free to stand up or remain seated. A friendly smile is not just a matter of courtesy, but a matter of course and at the same time makes it easier to start a conversation. In general, younger employees greet older colleagues first. Men and women are equal in professional life. Individuals approaching a group greet the members of that group first. This also applies in general to those arriving who greet those who are already present. During the interview, the applicant always greets first. ATTENTION: The host will be the first to shake hands with you. The idea of ​​the lower rank is presented to the higher rank in business life. Do you have to introduce yourself, because there are only two of you, then always with your first and last name: Hello, my name is Hans Schmidt. When introducing yourself, you should refrain from using titles. These can be seen from the application documents for the interlocutor. If you accept a business card yourself, it is important to take a quick look at it. This is a matter of courtesy in business life. Place the business card clearly visible in front of you on the table. The handshake The handshake is an important part of the greeting or introduction. It is imperative that you wait for the person with the higher rank or, during the interview, the person you are talking to first to shake hands with you. Make sure to make brief eye contact when shaking hands. The handshake should be short and strong. TIP: If you bring documents with you, make sure that you carry them in your left hand so that your right hand is free. Sit down As a rule, only take a seat when it is offered to you. Make yourself comfortable, keep your shoulders straight and keep your hands in sight. Hands under the table or the armrest make a rather nervous impression and radiate withdrawnness. Always keep your arms open in front of you and never cross them in front of your upper body. Use the first opportunities for small talk to show your personality. Then answer the other person's questions calmly and in a pleasant tone. Notes: VHK Career Forum IT, Mechanical Engineering / Automotive Page 33

36 Stand no. Company data Engineering 23 in the plenum Assystem Germany GmbH Erwin-von-Kreibig-Strasse Munich Tel .: other 250 Engineering studies or technician training, e.g. B. IT, electrical engineering, automation technology, systems engineering, mechanical engineering, vehicle, construction, production technology, mechatronics, industrial engineering, aerospace engineering, energy and systems engineering or comparable disciplines Internships, theses, direct entry, student jobs, trainee programs, professional jobs . It is the diversity of experience that makes a team successful. That is why we attach great importance to bringing old hands and newcomers together in our development teams. Internships: Are you studying electrical engineering, computer science, mechatronics, mechanical engineering, systems engineering, vehicle technology or a comparable subject? Whether internship or working student positions, you will find our offer here: With us you will find a wide range of topics for your diploma, bachelor and master thesis. possible Assystem, with colleagues in over 20 countries, is a global engineering partner in the automotive, aerospace, industry and transportation sectors. Our teams develop innovative products and solutions in the fields of electronics, software and mechanics. Discover the diversity of the engineering world with us! 15 throughout Germany: Berlin, Braunschweig, Bremen, Donauwörth, Hamburg, Ingolstadt, Cologne, Munich (headquarters), Nuremberg, Frankfurt am Main, Regensburg, Rostock, Stade, Stuttgart, Wolfsburg in 20 countries, including in Germany Alena Stiehler engineering natural sciences economic sciences others 24 room D clock approx. 50 graduates and young professionals electrical engineering and information technology, mechanical engineering, mechatronics, industrial engineering E&I, industrial engineering MB, electrical engineering, business administration, logistics + information technology, information technology, applied information technology, business information technology, software engineering, mathematics, business mathematics, communications engineering , Media technology Successfully completed university degree in (business) computer science, (business) mathematics, physics or business administration, willingness to travel across the region as well as very good knowledge of German and English, final theses, student trainee, career entry / placement internships: Wir b I continuously offered internships in all departments. Final theses are always possible. We are happy to offer you interesting topics. yes Reply AG Luise-Ullrich-Straße Munich Tel .: IT, Consulting Reply specializes in the development and implementation of solutions based on new communication channels and digital media. With its network of highly specialized companies, Reply effectively supports the European industry leaders with business models based on the new paradigms such as big data, cloud computing, digital media and the Internet of Things. Main location in Gütersloh, further locations in Munich, Frankfurt, Berlin, Potsdam, Düsseldorf, Minden, Hamburg and Bremen approx. In Germany, worldwide approx. Jessica Young Notes: Page 34 VHK career forum IT, mechanical engineering / automotive

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38 Stand no. Company data Natural sciences 25 in plenary itestra Software Productivity itestra GmbH Destouchesstraße Munich Tel .: Fax: -9 Internships: ongoing Bachelor & Master (business) computer science, mathematics, physics with computer science knowledge Enthusiasm for computer science Very good academic performance In-depth programming skills (e.g. in Java, C #, C or C ++) Ability to analyze and be quick to grasp Structured work and innovative thinking Initiative and willingness to learn Direct entry, final sprint scholarship yes, possible at all branches at any time. We offer interesting topics, but are also open to your suggestions in the branches in Madrid and Tallinn Software services, IT consulting, software governance & renovation, Solution Engineering Munich (headquarters), Cologne, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Madrid (Spain), Tallinn (Estonia) 70 Anne-Kristin Hauk Engineering 26 Room D Uhr Zühlke Engineering GmbH Landshuter Allee Munich Tel .: other We are growing continuously and are therefore regularly looking for new staff.Electrical engineering and information technology, mechatronics, industrial engineering E&I, electrical engineering, computer science, applied computer science, software engineering, related fields of study You make the difference because you are communicative strong, extremely team-oriented and a networker. You have creative problem-solving skills, you want to work in an interdisciplinary manner and you like varied projects. You are also business fluent in German and have a solid English vocabulary. Depending on the area of ​​activity, the following qualifications are important to us: Programming languages ​​such as C, C ++, Java and C #; Development tools such as FEM simulation, FMEA and calculation tools; Consolidation in current technologies (e.g. cloud, web, mobile apps); 3D CAD tools (e.g. Pro / E, SolidWorks); Requirements engineering (IREB) and test methods (ISTQB); agile project work (e.g. SCRUM). Career entry / recruitment, theses, working student no Zühlke accompanies companies in the implementation of their vision from the idea to market success. As a solution partner, we bring in our many years of cross-sector expertise and take responsibility for the success of the project. Inland: Eschborn (Frankfurt am Main), Hamburg, Hanover, Munich and Stuttgart. Further companies in Switzerland, Great Britain, Austria and Serbia. 810 employees across the group, including approx. 250 in Germany. Julia Volland Notes: Page 36 VHK career forum IT, mechanical engineering / automotive

39 Information on the lecture Application and job interview Clock in the lecture hall HS 2 An application is made up of many individual parts. The cover letter and the résumé are the most important points. But what about the actual application folder, the cover sheet, the application photo, the motivational or 3rd page, the attachments, the last page? All other points that are neglected at first. Is that right? As long as my cover letter is perfect, I can ignore the rest! This is what a fellow student said about his application documents. The cover letter is read in full by an average of 5% of the people contacted. Then is the above statement still true? In my lecture at lunchtime on the subject of cover letters, I will address various points. This also includes legends and myths that remain undeterred. E.g. the HR manager will be so convinced of my 1 * certificate that I will immediately receive an invitation! In the morning panel discussion with selected representatives from various companies, you will hear something completely different! I invite you to listen carefully. Then you will find that this statement is also a myth that has long since become obsolete. A particularly important point that I will address are empty phrases that appear all too often in cover letters: I am applying for your ad in the XYZ newspaper in which you are looking for an XYZ worker. Do you have a similar sentence in your cover letter? Then come to my talk and you will hear important alternatives. Count the words in your longest sentence in your cover letter. How many are there? 15, 20, 25 or more? Even 15 words in one sentence are too many! How many paragraphs do you have in your cover letter? 2, 3 or 4, maybe 8? Use verbs or rather nouns to express yourself. What do you think is the best way to encourage HR managers to read on? I will answer all these questions in my lecture and others. I will also be happy to answer any more in-depth questions you may have afterwards. An application is so difficult because there is no school subject about it. This is what a good friend once said to me. There is a glimmer of truth in it. After school you apply to the university, but the application form is often predetermined. Now, for the first time, you have to apply to people in the private sector, who are committed to shareholders, shareholders and shareholders. They look at your papers with completely different eyes than the university or college. You have to find the best for your particular job and that is not always the 1 * candidate. There is enough specialist literature about it. However, you will not find your individual application in it. You can only find this in conversation and exchange. I offer this to you. The exchange in my lecture and the conversation afterwards. Your Bernd Braun expert for digital labels Parkstrasse 40, Hattersheim Tel .: VHK Career Forum IT, Mechanical Engineering / Automotive Page 37

40 Stand no. Company data natural sciences 27, room B o'clock Elektrobit Automotive GmbH Am Wolfsmantel Erlangen Tel .: other internships and interns / working students / graduates (m / f) at our IT, electrical and information technology, mechatronics, mathematics, physics, etc. locations. First practical programming experience is an advantage, ability to work in a team, diligence and ambition, good English skills, openness and communication skills Working student activities, direct entry into our customer projects yes, to support our software engineers in the context of customer projects yes, after prior training in one of our German branches or direct application at one of our foreign branches Automotive Software As one of the leading providers of embedded software solutions for infotainment, HMI, navigation and standard software, we cover the entire development process in the field of automotive electronic systems. With its pioneering software solutions and development services for in-car infotainment, control applications and standard software, the more than 35,000 employees at Elektrobit Automotive transform highly developed technology into an extraordinary driving experience. We define e.g. Platforms, middleware, user interfaces, applications and bring these into series production together with the vehicle manufacturer and automotive supplier. Germany: Böblingen, Braunschweig, Erlangen, Ingolstadt, Munich, Radolfzell, Ulm. Further locations in Japan, China, Finland, Romania, Austria, France, USA, India Employees in Germany, employees worldwide Jürgen Huck and Beate Labandowsky Discussion guidelines for the VHK career forum Suggestions for discussions with company representatives The conversation is also more interesting for company representatives if you ask them! And: it is always worthwhile to prepare the meeting well. Specify the result that you want! Then you will understand more clearly how successful you have been. Questions about the application process: Do I have a specific contact person in the company? If you don't have one, take a look at this brochure. When is the right time? Should I already apply even though not all grades are known yet? What is expected of form and content? What is the weight of the certificate grades? How specifically should the desired areas of application be named? What do the companies consider to be particularly important when applying? What makes an application interesting compared to others? Position / function: Which professional and personal requirements are absolutely necessary? What weaknesses should an applicant not have for the position in question? Clarify your own expectations: What are my main interests? How do I appear to the outside world? How do you want to come across in the conversation? With whom can I, with which people not? Is a specialist or a managerial function more suitable for me? What are my strengths? What do I definitely not want to do? Page 38 VHK career forum IT, mechanical engineering / automotive

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42 Stand no. The focus is on automotive and industrial electronics as well as on mobile devices, high-frequency applications and hardware-based security. Infineon components are used wherever electricity is efficiently generated, transmitted and used. They also secure our digital data exchange, reduce emissions from cars and increase road safety. Domestic: including Neubiberg near Munich (headquarters), Augsburg, Dresden, Regensburg, Warstein worldwide: including Villach, Graz, Vienna, Bristol, Bucharest, Cegled, Padua, Singapore, Kulim, Malacca, Beijing, Shanghai, Wuxi, Milpitas (CA) , Morgan Hill (CA), El Segundo (CA), Temecula (CA), San Jose (CA) around the world (as of September 30, 2016) varies depending on the location, direct information under Engineering Sciences 29, Room C, IfTA GmbH Industriestraße Groebenzell Tel .: Fax: approx. 2 graduates, 3 working students, 2 interns IT, electrical and information technology, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, mechatronics You have very good specialist knowledge and are creative and eager to learn. You are a team player and at the same time enjoy working independently. Direct entry, working student activity, practical semester, final thesis IfTA GmbH is a leading company in the field of measurement technology for monitoring and analyzing vibrations. Our innovative, flexible products are used in a wide variety of applications. In the energy sector, we have been successful in monitoring stationary gas turbines for decades. Our customers are international corporations and large companies. Gröbenzell near Munich Internships: We continuously offer internship semesters in the fields of computer science and electrical engineering. 35 Current topics for theses can be found on our website. Further topics are possible on request. Iris Lang no Notes: Page 40 VHK career forum IT, mechanical engineering / automotive

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44 Stand no. Company data Natural sciences 30 in plenary TNG Technology Consulting GmbH Betastraße 13a Unterföhring Tel .: Fax: others are constantly looking for support from permanent employees, interns and working students Software development, IT consulting for computer science, physics, mathematics and related subjects with IT-related enthusiasm for the IT, ideally first experience in software development, very good academic performance, honesty, initiative and the ability to work in a team Unterföhring near Munich approx. 300 Vinicius Aquini direct entry internships: yes on request no natural sciences economics other 31 room E o'clock Internships: we are constantly looking for the talents of tomorrow. Computer science, business informatics, technical computer science, mathematics, business administration You are currently studying or have already successfully completed your studies and ideally gained your first practical experience in the IT industry as part of internships or your thesis. You will also convince with team spirit, communication skills, organizational talent, flexibility and a self-confident demeanor. Software development, consulting, project management, trainee programs, dual studies, working student activities, internships, bachelor and master theses. We are happy to offer you interesting topics and are also open to your suggestions. Possible within the framework of projects Sulzer GmbH Frankfurter Ring Munich Tel .: Fax Full-service provider for process and IT consulting in the automotive environment Headquarters in Munich, further Stuttgart, Ingolstadt, Magdeburg, Montvale (NJ, USA) and Hyderabad ( India) 770 Kristina Santl, Human Resources Notes: Page 42 VHK Career Forum IT, Mechanical Engineering / Automotive

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46 Stand no. Company data 32 Room C o'clock CQSE GmbH Lichtenbergstrasse Garching near Munich Tel .: Internships: Always! Computer science, software engineering. We advise IT, applied IT, companies on improving their software engineering development processes and we develop analysis software ourselves. As a graduate: Master or PhD in Computer Science. As a student: in computer science studies. Theses, working student, career entry / recruitment We continuously offer working student positions, also as a start or to get to know us or our specialist area. But we don't call them internships because we pay them well; -.). Final theses are always possible. We are happy to offer you interesting topics for bachelor and master theses or research work under supervision. We have a lot of mentoring experience and create an ideal environment for a thesis that you can grow with. We prefer to agree on the topic in person, as this is the best way to find topics that interest both of us. I will be happy to send you completed work so that you can get an idea of ​​what work looks like with us. Just send a quick email to Elmar: No, only sporadically. Garching 26 Elmar Jürgens Natural Sciences 33 in the plenum Capgemini Deutschland GmbH Olof-Palme-Straße Munich Tel.:/Fax: Internships: (Business) IT, mathematics, physics, electrical engineering, other natural sciences with an IT-related focus A bachelor's or master's degree with good performance, already first practical experience through e.g. Internships, a special degree of openness, strong communication skills, team spirit and independence Direct entry in almost all areas (e.g. individual software solutions, solutions based on standard software, application lifecycle services, business information management, business technology consulting), internships and working student activities, Bachelor - and master's thesis, diploma theses, internships and working student activities are possible at any time. Final theses are possible at any time. Please do not hesitate to contact us with a suggestion for a topic. project-dependent IT & Consulting; Capgemini is one of the world's leading providers of management and IT consulting, technology services and outsourcing services. Together with its customers, Capgemini creates business and technology solutions that are precisely tailored to individual requirements. worldwide more than 300 locations in over 40 countries. In Germany: Locations in Munich, Stuttgart, Nuremberg, Frankfurt am Main, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Berlin, Hanover and Hamburg. worldwide, in Germany: Capgemini Recruiting Team Notes: Page 44 VHK career forum IT, mechanical engineering / automotive

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48 Stand no. Company data Engineering Sciences Natural Sciences 34 Room D o'clock ITK Engineering GmbH Im Speyerer Tal Rülzheim Tel .: other internships: 300 Electrical engineering, embedded systems, vehicle technology, (technical) IT, aerospace, mechanical engineering, mechatronics, medical technology, physics, software engineering, industrial engineering Very good degree with practical experience, good knowledge of German and English, entrepreneurial thinking and action, pronounced customer orientation, as well as communication and teamwork skills, passion for technological innovations and mobility. Direct entry, internships, student traineeships, thesis An internship at ITK means working on a specific task independently in order to further develop your own skills. With the backing of a strong team, you can put your previous theoretical knowledge into practice and gain insights into the day-to-day work of our developers. We tailor the topic of the thesis individually to your personal wishes and major fields of study. In principle, an assignment abroad is possible. Automotive, aerospace, medical technology, rail, robotics In our development and consulting projects, everything revolves around software engineering, embedded systems, model-based software development and control technology. Rülzheim, Berlin, Braunschweig, Frankfurt am, Friedrichshafen, Ingolstadt, Cologne, Marburg, Munich, Stuttgart, Barcelona, ​​Detroit, Graz, and Tokyo Petra Gruber 35 Room C o'clock QAware GmbH Aschauer Straße Munich Tel .: Fax: Internships and 5 IT / Business informatics With the following qualifications: A degree with a good or very good degree Very good knowledge of two or more programming languages ​​Good German and good English Enjoyment of learning Something that inspires you! Internship, thesis, student trainee, career entry yes no IT / software development Internet and information technology QAware is an independent consulting and project house for software technology and has been recognized several times by kununu and the Great Place to Work Institute as Germany's best IT employer. We analyze, renovate, invent and implement software systems for customers whose success depends largely on IT. Munich and Mainz 90 Christine Kantsperger Notes: Page 46 VHK career forum IT, mechanical engineering / automotive