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Duties of a chemical engineer

Chemical engineers calculate amounts of material and energy flows and use this knowledge to carry out chemical processes. They develop new products based on the company's specifications and change the parameters in production for them. They refine the products so that they meet the requirements. Their most important tasks include:

  • Development and optimization of new methods and procedures
  • Independent planning and professional execution of analyzes
  • Further development of the existing processes with regard to automation and digitization
  • Improvement of product quality by adapting the production process
  • Advising and informing superiors, colleagues and customers if you have any questions
  • Creation of statistical evaluations and quality reports

Chemical engineering skills and qualifications

Suitable chemical engineers know all the necessary procedures and methods and are also familiar with the relevant laws. Since they work a lot with other people to implement the processes and build the systems, they are very good at working in a team. Top skills for chemical engineers include:

  • Very good knowledge of organic and inorganic chemistry
  • Understanding of plant safety in terms of mechanical and chemical influences such as corrosion
  • Knowledge of the legal guidelines and requirements for the respective industry
  • A high degree of care, reliability and a sense of responsibility
  • Very good knowledge of common MS Office applications
  • Fluent knowledge of English

Professional experience of a chemical engineer

Chemical engineer is a very responsible profession, which is why suitable candidates usually bring a lot of knowledge with them. Professional experience counts more in this professional field than in many other industries. Applicants in question therefore already have extensive professional experience. This ensures that they already know enough about performing chemical processes. You can consider young professionals if they have previously completed internships of at least several months in companies and can provide evidence of this. For chemical engineers with managerial responsibility, professional experience should be at least five years. You can also query the knowledge of certain processes and techniques that are relevant in your industry.

Basic and advanced training for chemical engineers

Chemical engineers usually have a degree in chemical engineering. In this course, all knowledge relevant to the profession is imparted. The students not only learn about chemistry itself, but also about mathematics, physics and the technical implementation. They also get practical knowledge, for example from business administration, law and foreign languages. The basic course of study is a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering. However, many students then decide to add a master's degree in chemical engineering or process engineering. Especially when applicants apply for positions in research and development, they have often also obtained a PhD in chemical engineering.

Salary expectations of chemical engineers

According to Indeed's salary comparison, chemical engineers in Germany earn an average annual salary of € 63,629. However, the salary of chemical engineers can vary based on region, education, and work experience.

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