How do I increase the flexibility

How do I increase the flexibility to achieve a full split?

Keep the following tips in mind when performing the flexibility exercise that you want to be your best at (split).

This is part of a full article I wrote that can be found on my website: FLEXIBILITY IMPROVEMENT - KEY PRACTICAL KNOWLEDGE (Martial Arts)

"(...) HEALTHCARE The following three health habits are really important for the development of flexibility: a) Drink plenty of water (e.g. 2 liters per day). B) Do not smoke. C) Do not drink alcohol.

(...) REPETITIONS OF STATIC DRILLS A serious mistake that I generally see is repetitions that do not last longer than 10 seconds! You will not get any improvement from these exercises, just as you should not expect cardiovascular improvements from a light 1 minute jog!

Another common mistake is for people to ricochet off as they approach the stretch limit to exceed their limit with each impulse. This significantly increases the likelihood of injuries and is therefore not recommended! Instead, do a single continuous pressure until you reach your limit and hold there.

For each type of exercise, do only 2-3 repetitions, each lasting at least 30 seconds, in just one continuous stretching movement that is reaching the limits of your possibilities. Discomfort is expected, but do not take the exercise where you feel excruciating pain as it would lead to almost certain injury! Relax in a comfortable position for a few seconds between each repetition.

(...) HOW OFTEN ARE FLEXIBILITY DRILLS REQUIRED In martial arts -> Each individual training unit should contain flexibility exercises. (...) "

Slugster ♦

Just to clarify your health habits, I've never had any problems with the stretch that resulted from drinking beer. And the two liters of water a day is a relatively arbitrary number that is widely used but not based on good solid science (also advertised as "8 glasses a day") - it varies widely per person.

Nic Hartley

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