Will be separated now

Time and time

Look at the two sentences:

I am the last time went to dance class.

I already have 3 times attended a dance class.

The word Mal can therefore be written in both upper and lower case. In some connections it is separated, in others it is written together.

Keep clicking and you will find hints to help you find the correct spelling.

Times as a noun

The word Mal can be used as a noun.
Then you write separate and large.

You can tell by the companion.
Another distinguishing feature is that before the word Mal there is a word with an ending stands.

Example: Today I go to the dance class for the last time.

-mal or -mal as an adverb

If -mal or -mal is used as an adverb, one writes together and small.

A distinguishing feature is that there is a word before the word -mal without ending stands.

Example: I have now taken a dance class three times.

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Multiple spellings

Some connections can be written separately or together.

  • a hundred times - a hundred times
  • a couple of times - a couple of times
  • so many times - so many times