How do I get more coins

Hay Day: Tips and Tricks for More Coins in Street Selling

In our great introduction to Hay Day, we already gave you some general tips and tricks. In this second article of our guide about tips and tricks for Hay Day, we will now deal with the topic of coins and gold in Hay Day. After all, it is the main currency that you simply don't have enough of. I also always have money problems in Hay Day, which is due to the horrendous prices for production facilities and low yields. Playing for hours only really helps here, but we've now summarized a few tips and tricks to get more coins.

Hay Day is a free farmer game for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and can be downloaded for free from the iTunes App Store (Download now for free). At the beginning you have relatively few plants and production facilities as well as animals. But little by little, chickens, sheep, pigs, cows and many more are added, who want to be fed in order to produce important staple foods, which we then turn into hamburgers, fried eggs with bacon and much more. can further process.

But the prices for the products are usually very low, so that you usually have to get by with a few coins. If you then have enough together, the coins go to the port or other production facilities and you are broke again. Therefore, now these tips and tricks for Hay Day

Tips and tricks for getting more coins in Hay Day

There are a few things to consider in Hay Day and different strategies to follow. It is best to take the middle ground and not commit yourself to one strategy. If you have any further tips and tricks for more coins in Hay Day, just let us know.

We will show you the individual areas where you can earn coins. In first place is of course street sales, where you earn more than with orders on the pin board or direct customers. But that shouldn't be neglected either.

Most of the win in Hay Day: The street vending

Those who want to earn the most coins / gold / money in Hay Day should specialize in street sales. Anyone who simply offers goods is thinking wrong. Here, too, the right strategy can be crucial. We have a few tips on this if you use the street vendors in Hay Day.

Strategy 1: pretend cheap

You should usually sell it at maximum prices. Most of them go away anyway like nothing else. This can be, among other things, a lack of price knowledge of the other players, sometimes you absolutely need a product. But there may be a trick to get your sales through the stages faster and not to wait hours until everything is gone.

Accordingly, one offers several products (do not advertise them in the newspaper). These “expensive” products are not placed in position 1, but continue from position 2. The product in position 1 is now offered at a medium or low bargain price. So you can pretend: Oh, but it's cheap and you buy more soon.

Strategy 2: Standing in the newspaper for a long time

There are products in Hay Day that don't sell well. You can use this. As follows: Occupy all of your warehouses except for the one on the far right i street sale by Hay Day. The important thing is: Uncheck “3 hours advertise”. Now you gradually place all the products that you want to sell. Of course, ask for maximum prices.

If you are now at the last stand, now take a product that sells badly (e.g. bacon with eggs). Also demand this now at the highest prices. It is best to place such a product at the beginning (i.e. on the left). You are now also advertising this last product in the newspaper. When someone enters your beach, they will first see the products on the left. If he is really interested in bacon with eggs, he will first see the products on the left. If there is now bacon with eggs, he will buy it first and your ad will still be in the newspaper.

Second, the player has to scroll to the far right to get to the advertised product. On the way there you can now see your other products and possibly not only buy the bacon with eggs, but also other products. You can also combine the whole thing with strategy 1 and advertise 1 cheap product and thus pretend to be a cheap dealer.

Especially with this 2nd strategy you sell more products within a very short time

Strategy 3: Go for a bargain hunt

You can use these two strategies to maximize your profit. However, many people do not know this and offer products at sometimes extremely low prices. Simply buy cheap products from the market and then sell them at high prices on your street vendors. So you can also earn money very quickly in Hay Day.

Not to be neglected: orders on the pin board and direct customers in Hay Day

In addition to street sales, there are also orders on the pin board and direct customers standing in front of your main building. This should not be neglected either. Direct customers only bring money. So you should see whether it is worth selling the products to them. The main reason to sell to them is the fact that you will secure yourself success with it. If you sell to enough customers, there are rewards and that in turn premium currency, namely diamonds in Hay Day.

The same applies to orders placed on the pin board. These also bring experience, which of course you need to move up to the next level. So here you should also produce for the orders, among other things. The prices are of course not as high as street sales, but there is a lot of experience. Therefore, you should direct your main focus here.

More coins in Hay Day

Especially with this first tip - street sales - you can get a lot more money out than you might think at first. Check out our street vending strategies in Hay Day. Do you have any other Hay Day tips and tricks to get more coins? We look forward to your opinion.