How fast do you drive through tires

Tire speed index - what exactly does it mean?

Does the index only say something about the maximum speed?

No, the tire speed index also provides information on driving comfort, traction, wear and cornering stability. A tire with a higher index value generally offers better grip and better braking performance, but may wear out faster and offer less performance in the cold. Therefore, tires indexed with V, Z, W and Y are usually better suited for sports and high-performance vehicles that move in warmer climates.

To get more tire performance, you can equip your vehicle with tires of a higher index at any time. But if you choose a lower index, you automatically reduce the maximum speed of your car to the value specified for this index.

Can I fit tires with different speed indices?

We recommend that you do not mix tires with different maximum speeds. If you still intend to do this, please make sure that the tires with a lower index are fitted at the front. This is to prevent possible oversteer and applies to both front-wheel and rear-wheel drive as well as all-wheel drive vehicles. Remember that all tires must be suitable for the vehicle and you must not drive faster than indicated for the lowest rated tire.

In general, we would like to advise you to only ever use tires of the same size, the same type and with the same tire speed index on all axles.