Are there guidelines for group writing?

10 golden rules for group chat in WhatsApp

There are always problems in group chats and class chats. We show here how the chats work better!

In WhatsApp and other messenger groups, things can be pretty chaotic at times. So that there is no stress in your groups and everyone can be involved, we have summarized the ten golden rules for group chat here.

Ten golden rules for messenger groups

  • Don't spam: Only write if you can really make a meaningful contribution to the conversation or have an important question. Unnecessary content is annoying and is often the trigger for arguments.
  • No insults and blasphemies: As in real life, the rule in group chat is that nobody should be offended! Gossip about people who are not in the chat should also be taboo!
  • No bullying: Nobody should be done!
  • Keep Covered: Don't share too much about yourself with other group members. This is especially true for large group chats, or chats in which you do not know all members. The more information you reveal about yourself, the more vulnerable you make yourself, for example for bullying.
  • Watch your profanity: Do not write in CAPITALS and pay attention to your spelling. Anyone who has to read texts with a lot of spelling errors can quickly get annoyed.
  • Answer of the group if you are spoken to directly or if you can answer a question.
  • Avoid ambiguity: Express yourself in such a way that everyone can understand what is meant to avoid misunderstandings.
  • Avoid repetition and do not send chain letters.
  • Pay attention to privacy: Do not give other people's private numbers to anyone.
  • Pay attention to the right of your own picture: Do not send any pictures without the consent of the persons depicted, otherwise you will violate the rights to your own picture.

Special case class chat

A class chat should be there so that important school information can be exchanged. Therefore, only write for important reasons and do not send unnecessary content. In order to avoid arguments, you can jointly define WhatsApp group rules for class chat in school, for example what times you can write and what can be written. You can also choose the admins in the class who will ensure that all rules are adhered to. Do not exclude anyone from your group chat and also inform the students who do not have WhatsApp about important events. The same applies in the class chat: No insults or gossip - not even about teachers!

Three tips for admins

  • If someone behaves inappropriately in the group chat, do not remove the person directly from the chat, but speak to him or her (in person or in a private message) and refer to the group rules.
  • If it ever crashes: Ask the people concerned to clarify the dispute personally or address the problem at the next meeting (for example at school). You can also seek help from teachers or mediators.
  • Do not throw someone out of the chat for no reason and ask the group members if you want to add a new member to the group.

Do you know your contract with WhatsApp?

Anyone who uses WhatsApp as a messenger and for group chats has signed a kind of contract with the app. It's pretty long, but we've summarized the most important points in our WhatsApp short terms and conditions. The WhatsApp terms and conditions also contain important points that you can use for group rules. So it's worth taking a look!

Article from 07/14/2017.