What are some examples of ingenious marketing

10 brilliant marketing ideas - for small and large budgets

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6. Unusual shop windows: Stand out from the crowd with a lot of creativity

The window dressing gives potential customers the first impression of your business. A modern shop window design should be aimed primarily at your target group. You should also think of the new technologies that are constantly offering you new ways to reach customers.

For example, you can create great highlights with a variety of different light sources. In addition, digital signage makes it possible to use videos in the shop window. With the latest digital signage software solutions, you can even sell while your business is closed. Because the digital displays can be controlled by customers using simple hand gestures. The use of such technologies not only incurs costs, but also other potential marketing ideas.


7. Social media is often used by companies, but not always properly

Many companies indiscriminately use social media channels and then make the mistake of spreading the same message everywhere at the same time. It is more effective to choose the social networks that best suit your own content and on which the target group is represented. The content should also be adapted to the different channels in order to achieve a better effect.

Facebook, for example, has a very broad audience and is therefore suitable for many target groups. Instagram is particularly popular for lifestyle, fashion and fitness. In contrast, Pinterest often appeals to creative people with topics related to handicrafts, home improvement and cooking. And be sure to use YouTube if you want to share guides, tips, or recommendations.

Another possibility of social networks is influencer marketing. It is also one of the most popular marketing ideas right now and is often used to increase brand awareness or improve its image.


8. Business cooperation: another classic among marketing ideas

Cooperations with other companies usually do not cost you anything. It is not always easy to find the right partner, but such cooperation has many advantages. On the one hand you reach a new customer base and on the other hand you make important contacts. However, as long as you focus on ensuring that both companies benefit, you are sure to find a suitable partner.

If you are still looking for a cooperation, the IHK or HWK can certainly help you to find a suitable partner on site and you can contact the AHKs for foreign cooperation. Another source is provided by trade journals, where you will find existing advertisements or you can place an advertisement yourself.


9. Establish yourself as an expert with books or booklets

Even in the era of self-publishing, in which anyone can publish a book, authors are often considered experts in their field. The publication of a book not only ensures reputation, but can also give you another source of income at the same time.

Writing a book is time consuming, but self-publishing costs are manageable. If you want to invest less time, creating a booklet is also an option. You can simply use the PDF format for this and convey specific know-how on a few pages. This variant is therefore one of the free marketing ideas.


10. Sponsoring is the marketing idea with the potential for a lot of good

One of the most well-known forms of sponsorship is the logo of large companies on sports club shirts. And while you are being seen and doing something good at the same time, there are even more effective ways to use sponsorship.

Anyone who likes to watch football knows, for example, the Audi Cup, in which four football teams play against each other every two years. In contrast to printed jerseys, the name of the organizer is on everyone's lips and, above all, in the press. So get inspiration from big brands and hold a small tournament for local clubs. And if you want to cut costs a bit, simply invite other companies to cooperate and combine these two marketing ideas.


Conclusion: Marketing doesn't always have to be expensive to be effective. There is a suitable marketing idea for every budget. It is important that you let your creativity run free and trust yourself to attract attention. Marketing shouldn't be dry as dust, but arouse emotions: everything is allowed, from shock to joy.