The most popular character from Telugu Movies

If you talk about seminal and legendary actresses in the history of Telugu cinema, Savitri is without a doubt high on the list. The Guntur-born personality, affectionately nicknamed "Mahanati", has provided enough fodder for her biographers to carve a graphic that soared, peaked and irrevocably rolled into a short but eventful journey - as well as immersed in real life. Savitri's fame is considered the demigoddess of southern cinema and reached its peak at a young age. Unfortunately, due to dramatic circumstances, the incredibly talented artist abandoned herself and finally faced a tragic death at the age of 45.

While Nag Ashwin's award-winning national film “Mahanati” presented the story of yesterday's actress in an inspiring way, the second half of the film raised several questions and objections that can be described as “wealth” -to-rags ‘. As we celebrate Nata Siromani's birthday, check out these rare photos of Savitri along with some interesting facts about her life.

Despite the never-ending dispute about the correctness of the content in Savitri's dramatic life, Nag Ashwin's incredibly passionate work in ‘Mahanati’ takes off his hat to Savitri. The successful biopic won three national awards in the categories of “Best Film”, “Best Actress” and “Best Costume”. Keerthy Suresh breathed life into the title character and captured their mannerisms perfectly. Aside from bears a remarkable resemblance to the late actress, she got everything right, from expression, voice, and emotions to on-screen presence.

At the age of only 6, Kamal Haasan came to the cinema as a child artist in the Tamil film ‘Kalathur Kannamma’ with Gemini Ganesan and Savitri. During an interview with Jaya Prada, Kamal remembered his ‘Amma’ by revealing that she had always lived like a heroine and that she had the same dignity and self-esteem even in ups and downs. The 66-year-old actor revealed that Savitri had a unique style when it came to driving a car and chewing paan.

During her heyday in South Cinema, Savitri was treated like a goddess by filmmakers who didn't hesitate to line up outside their home to find out the dates. Their remuneration was almost the same as that of NTR, ANR and Sivaji Ganesan. To raise funds for the victims of the 1977 Diviseema Cyclone, Senior NTR put up the garland offered by its fans in the auction. To everyone's surprise, Savitri bought the garland for Rs 10,000 and showed her generosity in helping those in need.

Defying her homely image in films like “Gundamma Katha” and “Raktha Sambandham”, Savitri was a daring and dashing woman in real life who didn't think twice before making a decision and standing firm on it. In addition to her enthusiasm for sports, she owned a large collection of vintage cars during her heyday. She is very fascinated by sophisticated four-wheel drive vehicles and had also won several car races in Old Madras.

During her secret marriage to Gemini Ganesan, Savitri was very young and at the height of her fame. Apparently she kept her wedding a secret and did not reveal it to anyone. But she mistakenly managed to divulge the secret herself. While the actress was staging an agreement with an international soap brand as a brand ambassador, she accidentally signed the papers as Savitri Ganesan. This blew up the ship and the news was released in no time.