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# 24904 - Strange things happen to a family and in the end the girl is the evil demon

I saw a good horror movie once. It's been ages and unfortunately I don't know anything anymore. Except that the ending was very surprising because the young girl in the family was the "demon". Plays around the 2000s.

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# 24903 - skinheads

The film was about skinheads. A black skinhead is killed by a white skinhead. At the end of the film they sit in an apartment and one of them freaks out because, in his opinion, the black skinhead doesn't take it seriously

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# 24902 - Movie with song Atlantis

Two men sit in the car and see a little girl. They will kidnap it to abuse it. Donovan's song Atlantis is playing in the background.

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# 24901 - Road movie

A couple who met by chance drives across the country (USA) and kills everyone they think they deserve. It all ends in a fatal showdown in a theater in which both are shot by the police.
Seen on TV years ago.

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# 24900 - Group of teenagers raid a shop and are shot by the police

I'm looking for the film where a group of young people raid a shop and shortly afterwards are shot by the police. One girl is out of the group is the main character. After death she is in some kind of heaven and there she is taught to behave. She is taught table manners, her flashy hairstyle is normalized, etc.
The film was once shown on Tele5. Unfortunately I don't know any more. The description is my only starting point.
I hope one of you happens to know which movie I'm talking about. Thanks in advance:)

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# 24899 - Sci fie film

I am looking for a film. I think I know the following plot

The film is about people with special skills living in a research institute. Every week / month someone is chosen to go to paradise, but a man discovers that this is not paradise but that they are going to be killed. He then fled with a woman.

In the end they are in the house of the head of the institute and live there until the end of their days

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# 24898 - gethotarticle

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# 24897 - Help i urgently need to know the name of this movie!

So I think it's about people losing resources and therefore a handful of astronauts from different disciplines have to go into space to find a solution that should save lives. You keep trying over several weeks and probably months to build an infinite source of energy with the help of an energy ball, at least roughly. The main role is played by a woman who lost her child in a fire for which she blames herself. After a while they suddenly manage to achieve what they wanted, but something went wrong and strange things happen. Suddenly they can no longer see and find the earth and there is panic, at some point they realize that something is wrong and the earth is suddenly behind them. Then they also find a wild strange woman in the wall who claims that she is wrong and she is looking for her crew and she knows the main role. It turns out they have landed in their (parallel) world, where the same people are again only under different living conditions. In this world the child in the main role still lives and at first she wants to travel to the foreign earth with the strange woman, to start again there and see her child again. So the main role and the strange woman want to go to the other earth and the others try to get back home with the help of the lost energy ball that is in the body of one of the crew members. Other strange things happen that I just can't remember and it dies one after the other. During all the chaos in space, very bad things are also happening on the crew members' earth. The husband in the main role finds his job completely destroyed and flies with a paralyzed child in a safe bunker to flee from something that makes everyone very afraid. Towards the end, the lead finally manages to make a decision, decides to return to her real home and is the only survivor to make it home. But before she can land safely on earth in her escape pod, she is eaten by a huge monster.

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# 24896 - Man finds out through father death that he has a brother

A man finds out through the death of his father that he has a brother, since the brother inherits the entire property of the father. Since the brother has very bad autism, lives in a home and has nothing to do with money, the man kidnaps his brother in order to get at least half of the money, because he believes that he is entitled to it because of his brother's disability. At first it's all about the money, but over time he begins to really love his brother. Since the brother is extremely good at dealing with numbers, he takes him to a gambling hall where they win a lot of money with which he can then settle his debts. In the end, he decides that his brother should go back to the home after all, because he can be better looked after, but he then comes to visit him regularly. I only saw it on TV recently, but I don't know where, unfortunately I didn't pay attention to the station.

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# 24895 - Man wants to kill children but they always just escape the dead

A man wants to kill a few children / siblings but they escape, for example in a car on a train or from the house that falls off a cliff with the man at the end

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# 24894 - Thriller, drama, arabic background

In the film, a father, part of the secret service or a similar situation tries to thwart an assassination attack and is at the same time looking for his daughter, who is said to have stayed with the aunt because of an argument with the strict father.
The daughter is in love with a young man who, in turn, is supposed to carry out said attack. There are two parallel storylines and the moment you think that the misfortune can be prevented, the viewer realizes that it is too late and the daughter is already dead. I don't remember any well-known actor

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# 24893 - Child paints black pictures

The child paints black pictures, mother is scared and in the end she looks down at all the pictures from above and it makes sense
Eer know this movie?

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# 24892 - Search 70s / 80s sci-fi about a robot boy growing up with a family

Seen on television a long time ago: An artificial boy (robot? Android?) Is housed undetected with an American family. I remember a scene in which the scientists involved were stunned when the boy preferred chocolate ice cream to strawberry ice cream at a birthday party, when he shouldn't have any preferences ... I mean the boy's name was Dave or something like that.

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# 24891 - romance

Two fathers run a pizza shop in Italy and then fall out. Then the daughter of one family gets together with the son of the other family

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# 24890 - Horror film about a woman who goes into the house of her dead father and goes nuts

It's about a woman who moves into the house she grew up in and the village is somehow her father's ghost. She's going crazy. She falls back into childhood when she was abused by her father. The father's singing can be heard he sings: Bla bla love bla bla
Unfortunately I don't know the name anymore
She is also raped by the ghost in the hallway of her work place. There is also a dead deer in the ceiling of the cellar and she stabs it with a screwdriver until the rotten deer falls from the ceiling, covered with maggots.
She also tries to seduce a priest and bites him and then kills him. She also walks through a forest in the dark and films children in some garden.
At the end of the film a large figure can be vaguely seen in the darkness and she goes over and takes the figure by the hand and walks with her into the darkness.
I hope you can help me, it makes me crazy not knowing the damn title.
Thank you in advance

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