Do fraternal twins have the same fingerprints

Do identical twins have the same fingerprint?

Identical twins are expected to have the same fingerprints as twins with virtually indistinguishable DNA. The distinctiveness of a person's physical characteristics is based both on the inherent individual genetic diversity within the human population and on the fortuitous processes that affect the development of the embryo. The same would then apply to clones of a person.

In the case of fingerprints, the genes determine the general properties of the pattern. The formation of fingerprints is similar to the growth of capillaries and blood vessels in angiogenesis. The general characteristics of the fingerprint appear when the skin on the fingertip begins to differentiate. However, the flow of amniotic fluid around the fetus and its position in the uterus changes during the differentiation process. Thus, the cells on the fingertip grow in a microenvironment that differs slightly from hand to hand and finger to finger. The finer details of the fingerprints are determined by this changing microenvironment. A small difference in the microenvironment is amplified by the differentiation process of the cells. There are so many variations in how fingerprints are formed that it would be virtually impossible for two fingerprints to be the same.

Therefore, fingerprints are not a genetic trait. They are part of a "phenotype", which means that they are determined by the interaction of an individual's genes and the intrauterine environment.

Overall, identical twins' fingerprints tend to be similar . Prior to genetic testing, the similarity of twins' fingerprints was used to determine whether they were identical or fraternal. But there will always be subtle differences that make even your fingerprints unique.

About the similarity of identical twin fingerprints

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