What's your favorite packed lunch

No more boring lunch: 17 delicious lunch box ideas

Equipment: the perfect lunch box for you

Just take your lunch with you - that sounds good. But what is the best? A container in the everything fits in, the holds tightwho as possible light, easy to clean and reusable is ... phew, not that easy to find something suitable. And that some boxes are less tightly sealed than they promise from the outside, unfortunately mostly only becomes clear when it is already too late.

To prevent this from happening to you, a sensible lunch box that meets your requirements for pre-cooking and meal prepping is essential.

Basically there is a wide variety Lunchbox options:

  • "Tupperware" - the well-known plastic food storage box
  • Stainless steel box - particularly chic, hygienic and aroma-neutral
  • Thermobox - suitable for heating in the microwave
  • Glass container with a lid - for heating in the oven and microwave
  • Bread box - for sandwiches and Co.
  • Bento box - multi-level and / or subdivided with compartments
  • Wake upand screw jar - when it doesn't have to be a box

Is your box tight?

Depending on what kind of dish you want to transport safely, pay attention to how leakproof your box of choice is. Only boxes and bowls are really leak-proof Lid with integrated seal have and Mason jars with sealing ring. Many metal boxes or classic lunch boxes, on the other hand, are often not leak-proof.

Can you heat your food in the box?

Before you put your meal in the lunch box directly in the microwave be sure to make sure that your Box really suitable for it is. Stainless steel and some plastic boxes should definitely not see the inside of a microwave. In Thermal and glass boxes as some plastic containers on the other hand, your luch delicacies can be warmed up just fine.

Do you want to take different dishes with you?

Then you should choose a box that Partitions, inserts or even several floors Has. So you can very comfortably stow various ingredients and components in a box or even the first floor with yours main dish and the second with yours dessert equip. So hearty and sweet also work very well next to each other.

Vegetarian lunch boxes

Buddha veggie lunch box

Everything else that is allowed in your bowl looks just as good in your lunch box. So just rearrange a bit and move roasted sweet potatoes, spinach, carrots, sprouts and the like from the bowl into the box. To the recipe

Onigirazu: Sushi sandwiches for on the go

Onigiri are good. Onigirazu even better! With a vegetarian deluxe filling and a nori coating, the traditional Japanese rice bites become delicious sushi sandwiches - without any fish, but with crispy tofu and sweet potato. To the recipe

Lunch box with wild rice, chickpeas and carrots

Today your rice is especially wild! Together with happy chickpeas, cheeky carrots and rebellious spinach, he fled from your plate to your lunch box today in front of you and your fork. But after noon there is no escape. To the recipe

Quinoa Salad Greek Style

A typical Greek salad? Feta, olives, red onions, tomatoes, peppers and cucumber should not be missing. For a bit of variety, cooked quinoa can also be added to this variant for lunch - it overcomes the midday hunger immediately. To the recipe

Lunch boxes with chicken and fish

Colorful bento box

A lunch box as it is in the book: rich proteins, high-quality carbohydrates, crunchy vegetables and a generous portion of fruit to snack on - when you look at this bento box, someone should say again that lunch is boring. To the recipe

Chicken with pesto and beans

Crunchy green beans, small cherry tomatoes and juicy chicken strips with a dollop of red pesto - it just fits! Not only in terms of taste, but also in your lunch box. Perfect to prepare, take away and enjoy! To the recipe

Lunch box in Japanese

“Hiru-gohan”, “lunch” or simply “lunch” - regardless of whether you prefer Japanese, English or German, at noon it is most important that the food is tasty and filling. With onigiri, tamagoyaki and edamame, the Japanese are way ahead. To the recipe

Lunch box for children

A sad sandwich that ends up unintentionally and lonely in the dark garbage can next to chewing gum and waste paper after a long day at school? No, it doesn't have to be. This colorful lunch box proves that school sandwiches can also be loved hotly and deeply. To the recipe

Low-carb salmon with roasted vegetables

In addition to spicy oven vegetables, salmon feels particularly good in the oven. Then he doesn't even need carbohydrates next to him to make himself comfortable for the office in the practical lunch box and to wait for you during your lunch break. To the recipe

Baked chicken with vegetables and pasta

Lousy midday low? Acute hunger? Then open your lunch box very quickly. What does she have in store for you today? Tender chicken, colorful vegetables and fresh pasta. After pre-cooking, it is time to relax and enjoy the lunch! To the recipe

Lunch from the glass

Cream of spinach and pea soup

Soup kasper watch out: This glass hides a quick soup that makes even 'Popeye' weak. With an extra portion of spinach and sweet young peas, this green soup provides new power during the lunch break. To the recipe

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Watch now

Instant noodle soup

The daily office question at 12:25 pm: “What are we going to eat today?” Something from the bistro next door? The current lunch menu is not convincing. Cooking in the staff kitchen? No, there is no time for that today. The solution: DIY instant noodle soup in a jar! To the recipe

Apple noodle and cucumber salad

The colleagues get big eyes: cucumber and green apple meander through the glass as spiral noodles. With avocado, quinoa, roasted cashews, rocket and creamy dressing, the vegan power salad is complete and attracts envious glances in the glass. To the recipe

Tuna Salad Nicoise

Tuna, small jacket spoons, green beans, peppers, tomatoes, anchovies, boiled eggs and crispy croutons let it rip and celebrate a colorful party for you in the glass nicoise. This is crisp salad fun to take away. To the recipe

Hummus with vegetable sticks

“Stick and dip” - that is the motto of this little jar, which can quickly become a savior from the midday depression with an acute stomach growl. Crunchy vegetables and creamy hummus can be eaten anywhere and chase away the little hunger. To the recipe

Curry pasta salad

Cool bag out and into the sun - time for a picnic! With the refreshingly fruity and creamy pasta salad with curry and chicken you are well prepared on the picnic blanket and can enjoy it on the go. To the recipe

Mini frittata with asparagus

When the small frittata calls, pancetta, parmesan and mozzarella quickly make their way to the kitchen together with green asparagus and sit there in the glass until they are eaten at noon. To the recipe