What are some of the motives for European exploration

..and the winner is Anke Hartmanns!

Flag selection

Anke's flag was selected from 16 finalists, one each from the 15 ESA member states and one from cooperating Canada (and from a total of 11,000 entries). “We looked at the designs on the Internet,” said Anke's mother, who teaches chemistry and biology, “and there were so many great ideas that we couldn't even imagine winning”.

Anke discussed her ideas with friends and teachers and decided to represent the earth as the center of a sunflower, the petals of which each represent a different aspect of life on earth. Some depict natural and man-made threats to the earth - e.g. a volcano and a factory - while others depict the green of the earth.

The motif of water on three petals also reflects Anke's interest in the ecology of the oceans, a topic that she would like to deal with later - and she wants to learn to dive.

An encouraging topic that appeared in very many of the drafts was international understanding. “I was amazed, it seemed like the children naturally associate the idea of ​​protecting the earth with fraternity,” said Agostino De Agostini from ESA's Directorate for Applications, one of the judges, “and that's a good thing because we really need it a comprehensive agreement to protect the earth's resources. "

ESA organized this competition to draw attention to the launch of the Envisat environmental satellite and to raise awareness of the importance of space technology in everyday life. "Children are the scientists, engineers and politicians of tomorrow," said de Agostini. "It is important that they understand what space-based science and technology has to offer."

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