Which acne medications are safe to use during pregnancy?

Pregnancy: tips for beautiful skin

From aloe vera to thermal water - a little product knowledge

It is best for pregnant women to refrain from using care products that contain fat, oil or alcohol. Those who are sensitive to fragrances will find products in the pharmacy that are completely unscented.

Cleaning: If there is a tendency towards oily skin, pH skin-neutral products are recommended, washing lotions or washing gels with pH values ​​between 5.5 and 6.5. It is better to use a cleansing milk for very dry skin.

Maintenance: All aloe vera products provide moisture and are good all-rounders, i.e. suitable for every skin condition. For very dry skin, Ulrike Bagger recommends a richer cream, for example with urea (e.g. 3% urea) and some dexpanthenol, a pro-vitamin that has itching and wound healing properties.

For oily skin, the cream should not be too rich, it promotes the formation of blackheads. In addition, these creams can also contain anti-aging products that contain vitamin A compounds (e.g. retinol, retinaldehyde), which are taboo during pregnancy.

Facial tonic: It closes the pores, neutralizes the pH value and has a slightly antibacterial effect. Facial spray based on thermal water can soothe severely inflamed skin.

Make up: Light make-up covers blemishes. It is best to use a water-based product. You can recognize this by the name "Aqua" (it is at the top of the list of ingredients). Sometimes powder is enough to mattify shiny areas and cover small pimples. Concealer pens help selectively.

Masks: Masks have a calming effect, e.g. B. with healing earth. They are ready-made in the pharmacy or ready to be mixed. "You can also mix two or three drops of pure lavender oil with your face lotion. This has an antibacterial and healing effect," says the pharmacist.

Peels: They are applied to damp skin to gently rub off dead skin. Natural peelings without chemical agents, e.g. based on medicinal or kaolin clay, almond bran or salt, are suitable.